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   Chapter 380 Secret Battle

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Rogelio raised his eyelids and looked at Rosie. He didn't give any answer immediately. However, he was indifferent and didn't show any joy.

Nancy said, "Why are you asking such useless questions? How could your brother be unhappy? Everyone in my family wants my daughter to be fine."

Rosie still kept smiling at her mother. "Mom, I want to hear from Rogelio. Don't speak for him."

Nancy was a bit annoyed. "Look at you. I don't think you are fine now. Why don't you call him your brother? Don't call him Rogelio."

Rosie ignored Nancy's words and asked, "Rogelio, why don't you speak? Do you want me to be good? Or do you want me to be a fool forever?"

"You are my only sister. Of course I hope you can be better," said Rogelio in a peaceful tone.

"You really think so?"

"Of course."

Rosie stared at Rogelio's eyes, and there was no sign of intimacy in her eyes, but only strangeness and indifference.

Robbie asked, "Rosie, is there anything unpleasant between you and my brother?"

Hearing what he said, Rosie looked back at him with an intimate smile and said to him apologetically, "I'm sorry, brother. I can't answer this question. When I came to my senses, I couldn't remember a lot of things, just like when my brother was in a coma before. I'm afraid I also have amnesia. I asked you the same question when you gave me psychological guidance! But the way Rogelio answered my question is different from that of you. As expected, there is a gap between those who know psychology and those who don't."

After saying that, Rosie said to Rogelio, "I'm glad that you wish me well. I wish you have many children, a lot of wives and concubines. Although you have successfully taken the first step, I think you still have a lot of room for improvement."

"I think your mind is still in a mess. If you need to restore your memorie

my two grandsons. Anyway, you can't hurt them. They are innocent, understand?"

Nancy glanced at me and Michelle. "Mom, don't worry. I will take good care of Rogelio's child," said Michelle.

As she spoke, she gently stroked her belly. At last, Nancy left. After she left, Michelle immediately held the arms of Rogelio.

Taking a look at Michelle's hands on his arms, he said in a neither cold nor warm voice, "Since you are pregnant, you should eat more. How can you eat anything when holding my arms?"

"But if I don't get close to you now, I will feel that something is missing. Maybe it is because I am pregnant that I rely more on you."

Michelle put down her hand and said, "I know. I should eat more so that our child can grow healthily."

As Michelle spoke, she picked up the soup in front of her and took a sip. She frowned and said, "Can't the soup be better?"

No one responded to her. Instead, Rogelio and Robbie stared at each other. They were like two statues, and no one knew how long it would take for them to look at each other.

"Even if you are going to divorce, you have to maintain a decent relationship and at least respect each other. Don't you think it's inappropriate to bring this woman back?"

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