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   Chapter 379 Rosie Became Normal

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I put down the tableware in my hand and was about to leave when Robbie and Rosie walked into the restaurant side by side.

Seeing Robbie come back, Nancy moved her hand away from my belly and said, "Robbie, didn't you say that you wouldn't come back for dinner today? Have you eaten yet? I'll ask Maria to fill a bowl of rice for you."

Unexpectedly, Robbie sat down next to me. His eyes met with Rogelio's, and Rosie sat down next to him.

"Where have you been, Rosie? Why are you here so late?"

"Mom, you have a grandson again. You are so happy that you even forgot to ask me to have dinner with you, right? Do you still have me in your heart?"

Rosie's tone today was the same as that of a normal person. She didn't feel like a fool.

"It happened all of a sudden. What can I do?" Nancy replied. But when she looked at Rosie intently, she seemed to feel something wrong with Rosie.

"Rosie, what's wrong with you today? Where did you go just now?"

"I heard that Michelle came here and that she also had my brother's child, so I informed my second elder brother to come back to congratulate him."

Nancy looked at Rosie in the same way as I looked at Rosie before. She felt there was something wrong, but she was not sure. "You? Inform your brother?"

Rosie nodded. "Yes, but when I informed him, he was already on his way back. It's not my contribution."

Rosie smiled at Nancy and said, "Mom, it's a good thing to have a grandson, but the baby must come from the same woman's belly. Even if you give birth to three of us, we can't be united together. However, your two grandsons have different mothers and fathers."

"What nonsense are you talking about? The baby in Jasmine's belly is your brother's."

Rosie smiled and said, "Mom, as long as you are happy, I won't say anything more. I'm hungry. I'll eat first."

Rosie said as she picked up the knife

, but because I couldn't face him like that. I really felt heartbroken. You won't know how I had that year abroad. I thought about him all the time. I prayed every day that he could wake up. I think God must have heard my prayer."

Rosie sniffed, "It's been a long time. But you can still tell a lie without blushing. But I don't care about it, since my brother doesn't mind. I don't care who will sleep beside his pillow. I'm not that bored."

Rosie looked at me again and said, "Besides, Jasmine doesn't mind it at all. If I were her, I wouldn't be able to have dinner with you on the same table. But she can. I don't know if she loves Rogelio too much or she doesn't care at all."

Nancy said, "Don't be so rude. Why are you talking nonsense here? Can you stop making trouble for me?"

Raising her eyelids, Rosie smiled at Nancy and stopped talking.

Michelle suggested, "It's a good thing that Rosie can recover. Why don't we have a drink to celebrate it?"

Nancy disagreed, "You and Jasmine are both pregnant. You don't need to drink."

"But we must celebrate for Rosie." Michelle looked at Rosie. "Rosie, what do you think?"

Instead of answering her question, Rosie asked Rogelio, "Brother, are you happy or not about my recovery?"

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