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   Chapter 377 You Can't Divorce Him

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Nancy took Michelle by the hand and went out the door while saying, "I'll ask Maria to take you to the room. There are still two guest rooms on the third floor. You can choose one you like."

"Okay, mom."

It was natural for Michelle to change Nancy as her "mom". Hearing that, Nancy smiled, glanced at Rogelio and closed the door gently.

There were only me and Rogelio left in the room.

As soon as the door was closed, Rogelio said, "I took contraceptive measures. I don't know why she is pregnant."

"What do you want to say? Do you want to say that you didn't betray me? Or do you just want to say that the baby in her belly is not yours?"

Biting his lips, Rogelio said in a somewhat depressing tone, "I will solve this matter. In the future, the two of us will not owe each other."

"Don't owe each other? It is you who wanted to be with me for the shares and during our marriage, you still had contact with Michelle. When you were unfaithful to me, you still held grudge against me about what happened in the past and beat me up. We don't owe each other anymore."

I took a deep breath and exhaled softly. "You went to the hotel with her, but what did you want to do to me just now? Rogelio, you don't love me and hate me. You think I'm dirty. Besides, the person you love and your child have come to you. Why don't you let me go? Let's not wait for my baby to be born, okay? I hope to end this farce in advance."

"No, I don't agree."

"Rogelio, do you have to torture me like this? Do you think it's funny? You want me to be under the same roof with Michelle all day long? What kind of era do you think it is? You think you can have a wife and a concubine living in the same family?"

"I didn't mean that. I will deal with the matter of Michelle. I won't let her live here."

"It's not that she can't live here. Don't you think it's ridiculous now? Michelle doesn't min

yes of Nancy, I had always been weak, incompetent and fond of money, so I knew her thoughts.

"Well, as a mother, I am also in a dilemma. Why are my two sons so entangled with you two women? You two are not the only women in the world."

After she sighed, I said to her, "Mom, I and Rogelio have reached an agreement to divorce. Please don't persuade me. A man can only have one woman. Besides, Rogelio and Michelle used to love each other. I am just a third party between them. Now it's time for them to return to their original positions."

"You are such a foolish woman. Didn't you say that you understood? Why did you still say that?"

"Mom, I really appreciate that you can be on my side. You don't need to worry about me. As long as you agree to let me raise the child, I will really give up all my property and transfer all my shares to Rogelio. I will let the child stay with you for two days every week. Is that okay?"

"You are so stupid, aren't you?"

"Mom, please agree to my suggestion!"

"Let me tell you, Jasmine, first of all, my grandson can't be taken out of the Luo family. Second, you can't give up your current position to anyone, including Michelle. If she really gets married with Rogelio, our family will have endless trouble!"

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