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   Chapter 376 Another Life

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No matter for what reason, the attitude of Nancy at this time and her feelings for my baby inadvertently moved me.

Although Nancy didn't like me all the time, I always thought she was a good mother and would be a good grandmother to my child.

Taking a look at Michelle who was standing aside, Nancy pointed at Michelle and said to Rogelio, "If you divorce Jasmine for this woman, I will never agree. Who the hell is she? She abandoned you when you were in a coma and didn't even look at you. Such a woman must not be your wife. No matter how bad Jasmine is, when you have a headache and be ill in bed, she will take good care of you. Jasmine is better than Michelle."

I didn't expect that it was Nancy who would make me moved.

Hearing Nancy's denial, Michelle didn't get angry. Instead, she snorted and said, "Auntie, you don't really like this woman to be your daughter-in-law. In other words, you still care about the baby in her belly."

Nancy snorted, "She is having my grandson in her belly. Do you think I still care about you?"

Michelle sneered, "We don't know whether it's a boy or a girl in her belly, and we don't know whose baby it is."

"Even if she is carrying a girl, she is the child of our Luo family. Moreover, even if it is really the child of Robbie, it is still my grandson."

Nancy was so angry that she forgot to pay attention to what she said, which made Michelle smile more proudly at Rogelio.

Nancy also realized that she didn't mean what she had said, so she vented his anger on me. "Why don't you say anything and let the mistress come to our house to clamor? You want her to steal your husband? To steal the father of the child? They all said that I don't like you. You are such a coward. I'm really pissed off."

"Mother, Rogelio and Michelle have never been out of touch. He loves her. What else can I say? I'm willing to help

anymore. I heard that shooting ancient costume play is tiring and dangerous, and I heard that someone has lost her child because of it."

The accusation from Nancy had completely turned into concern.

With a coquettish smile, Michelle said, "I heard from Rogelio that you know how to nurse a pregnant woman's body and make the baby grow better. Therefore, if you are willing to look after me, I will put aside my current work and live here to let you take good care of me."

"Okay, that's a deal. You'd better put off the show and take good care of yourself. Although the shares of the Luo family have been reduced, it won't affect our economic strength. We don't need you to earn money."

"I've been looking forward to having a grandson. I didn't expect that there would be two of them. That's great," said Nancy with a warm smile on her face.

"Mom, as long as you are happy, you can beat and scold me because of what I did in the past. I and your grandson will be filial to you from now on."

After all, Michelle was better at coaxing the elderly than I was. With a few words, she made Nancy to smile. Unexpectedly, Nancy took her hand and said, "We'll have dinner later. I made nutritious soup at home. You should drink some later."

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