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   Chapter 373 Love In Others' Eyes

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Faye smiled at me complacently. She slammed the door and twisted her buttocks like a socialite. She pushed her big sunglasses and said, "Yes, it's me. How do you think? Can't you imagine this? I didn't expect that I, Faye, would also be able to stand out and enjoy boundless glory one day. "

I really didn't expect that such a person like her could be so rich today. I didn't know who gave her so much money. How could a person like my mother have such a generous friend?

My mother flirted with me and said randomly. "What do you think? My outfit is not bad, right? "

My mother laughed complacently. She looked at my clothes and sneered, "You wears so shabby. No wonder that Robbie doesn't like you and gave you to his brother even though he already had sex with you. You are really not deserved the good appearance of you. It's a reckless waste of God's gifts."

"If I have the good appearance of you..." She laughed with one of her hand covering her mouth, "There must be more men will be willing to give me another few hundred million!"

I was not in the mood to watch Faye daydreaming here. When I was about to leave, I saw a young man in a white suit, a big flower shirt, a white leather shoes, a white wide brim cap, and a pair of black sunglasses even in the heavy rain wave his hand hard to my mother and trotted to her.

But to my surprise, as soon as this young man came over, he gave my mother a warm hug and kissed her both sides of cheeks like a western.

"My dear Fane, I'm sorry to keep you waiting so long."

My mother put her arm around the young man's waist in front of me, and the man put his arm on my mother's shoulder naturally.

My mother gave me a smug smile and said, "What do you think? My boyfriend is as handsome as your husband, isn't he? So let me tell you, if you have money, you will be always right and you can get everything you want. Look at my boyfriend, he is one year younger than you! "

When my mother said this, there was no trace of embarrassment on her face. Instead, it seem

nsive care unit and didn't sleep all the time. At that time, I suspected that he did not treat you just as a friend. But before I sent my blessings to you, the news that you and Rogelio were a couple spread out. I was confused at that time. I can't imagine that you have such a relationship with Rogelio? "

After a pause, Vann continued, "After that, you moved out. Robbie had been drinking a lot in that house for a long time, and this kind of state lasted for a long time. For this reason, Xenia is still complaining about herself for exposing the marriage between you and Rogelio to the media. If she knew it, she would not do it even if she was beaten to death."

"Maybe you don't know, but I've known him for a long time. In the past, Robbie only smoked and didn't get drunk. But from then on, he often got drunk. Every time he was drunk, he would call your name. Your brother, Jacen, also knows that. Once he saw your brother draw a vivid sketch of a female criminal and then he let him draw a picture of you. And he put the picture in the drawer of his office. If you go to look through it now, you can see it. "

"Robbie avoided you on purpose because he was afraid that he could not control his feelings when he saw you. He loves you, but on the other hand, Rogelio is his brother. I think you can understand the dilemma and pain of Robbie."

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