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   Chapter 371 Already Dead In My Heart

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Vann escorted Robbie and said, "Don't try to sow dissension between us, Erwin. It's all your fault. If it weren't urgent, we wouldn't get Jasmine involved."

Erwin sneered, "You get her involved when you can't persuade me. Don't you know how dangerous it is? Don't you know how dangerous it is? "

Erwin pointed at Vann, "Who was almost beaten to death and unconscious?"

Then Erwin turned his eyes and pointed at Robbie. "And you. Although I don't like you all the time, I think you are a capable man after these days. And you are really capable to get the core position so soon. Mr. Qi has always been cautious, but this time he still fell into your trap. I was also tricked by you, and what you have done is all on me. "

Robbie replied Erwin calmly, "You should be clear about the thing of David. Even if I didn't make you take the blame, the purpose of him is to kill you, whether directly or secretly. As the saying goes, better an open enemy than a false friend, isn't it?"

"Humph!" Erwin rolled his eyes at Robbie. "I can handle my own business."

There was a few seconds of silence in the room. Taking a glance at Robbie, Erwin said, "Let's cut the crap. Since you have invited Jasmine to be your lobbyist, I'll do whatever she let me do. Then tell me, what do you want me to do?"

Robbie said, "Mr. Qi will prove you innocent tonight. He wants you to still participate in the competition this time. As usual, you must be the first."

With a confident smile, Erwin said, "Easy."

"You should regain their trust first and be one of them again. You can use these goods as the capital to attract them and deal with them as you did before."

Erwin narrowed his eyes and stared at Robbie, "Aren't you going to catch them this time?"

"It's not the time yet."

"You don't want to only catch Cary and the others of them, right? You still want to catch Mr. Qi and.

aid, "If I get divorced..."

Before I could finish my words, Erwin said excitedly, "If you divorce, I'll marry you. Our child must have a father, right? I will take care of you for the rest of my life and won't make you unhappy again. "

"Okay, then I'll leave the rest of my life to you. You have to live well, understand? I don't want to be a widow. So you can't risk your life. Remember? "

With a big smile on his face, Erwin nodded his head vigorously. "If you are here, I don't even want to die."

"Be careful tonight. Be careful."

I raised my hand and pressed on Erwin's chest. Lowering my head, I didn't dare to look into his eyes. "I have to go. We have a lot of time in the future."


I turned around and left. I knew it wasn't good to make Robbie angry by using of Erwin. I quickened my pace, just wanting to get rid of the haze in my heart as soon as possible.

When I was about to enter the elevator, Robbie caught up with me and pulled me. "Jasmine, why did you lie?"

I looked into Robbie's eyes and said, "I'm not lying. I'm serious."

"You don't love Erwin at all. Don't torture yourself and me, okay?"

"Yes, it's true that the person I love is not Erwin, but the person I love is already dead in my heart."

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