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   Chapter 370 The Life He Wanted

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Feeling that I had calmed down, I gently pushed Erwin away. Finally, he was willing to let go of me. He was happy and I did not see any depression and tired on his face because he was restrained here.

I raised up the key in my hand, "Aren't you going to the bathroom? I'll open it for you. "

Erwin reached out his handcuffed hand to me and said, "They gave the key to you too?"

I unlocked the handcuffs for Erwin. "Anyway, you don't want to run away, so they're not afraid of giving me the key."

"I've told you that I won't live a hiding life anymore. That life is so bad that I can do nothing but make trouble to you."

I took the handcuffs in my hands and said, "Hurry up to the toilet."

Erwin laughed, "I really don't want to waste my time on it. I'm afraid you'll leave soon."

I just smiled at Erwin and didn't say anything, because the possibility he afraid is out of my control.

Erwin got out of the bathroom very quickly, leaned his head to my ear and said, "If I want to run away, can the handcuffs trap me?"

After saying that, Erwin stood still and gave me an evil smile, as if nothing had happened.

"How careless you are! How can you smile when you are caught by them?"

"I'm useful to them now, so they won't make me difficult. I can eat and drink well, and I can eat and sleep whenever I want to. So I live a very ease life here."

Erwin didn't seem to say anything to comfort me, but seemed to enjoy the life here.

I had promised the police to persuade Erwin, but now I hesitated again.

With a sigh, Erwin looked around and said, "Although it's the Heaven here, I can't see you or have any information about you. Even heaven has become hell."

"You should live well. I know this is not the life you want."

Erwin sighed with emotion when he talked about this topic. "I've been restrained here for nearly two months. I've

Do you have time to talk nonsense like that? "

Vann rolled his eyes at Erwin. "That's why I've treated you well these days. I've done my best not to let you stay in jail. Don't push your luck!"

Erwin sneered, but he didn't argue with Vann. Instead, he looked at Robbie directly and said, "You are cruel enough. I have to admit that Jasmine is my only weakness. Now that you have persuaded her, I don't want her to feel embarrassed between us. So I can promise you. "

Perhaps it was because of Erwin's constant refusal that Vann became a little unbelievable when he heard Erwin's unbelievable for the first time. "Really? Have you made up your mind? "

Erwin looked into my eyes and said, "As long as Jasmine wants me to do it, I don't need to think about anything. Even she let me die, I will do as she asks."

I looked into Erwin's eyes, but I was worried whether my decision was good to him and whether it would hurt him again.

Robbie said, "For you, it's a chance to be alive. Please pay attention to your words and don't put pressure on Jasmine."

Erwin sneered, "If you really care about Jasmine, you shouldn't have brought her here. You shouldn't have let her get involved. Have you ever thought about her in her position?"

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