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   Chapter 369 Met Again

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In fact, in my heart, Vann was still my friend. Besides, the grudge between me and Robbie had nothing to do with him, so the reason why I treated him like that just now was because of Robbie.

Although I didn't want to get involved in their affairs, I knew it was very dangerous. If I couldn't do it well, I would die at any time.

But when I thought of Erwin and Jacen, I didn't know what else I could choose.

I looked at Robbie in front of me. He was much stranger to me. I seemed to have never known him. He had another identity, and he lied to me that he wanted to be with me in order to achieve his goal.

My heart was frozen, and this kind of coldness made me gradually numb from the chill.

"I agreed for Jacen, so my request is still valid. If I find that Jacen is still involved, I will immediately quit."

Robbie nodded and said, "Okay."

Hearing that, Vann became relieved at once. He immediately sat back in his seat and said to me with a smile, "I know that Jasmine has always been reasonable. This kind of thing is bound to be beneficial to the country and people. It doesn't matter. I know you are angry. During this period of time, you have encountered a lot of unhappy things. If you don't like us, you can beat or scold us as you like."

With a cheeky smile, Vann pulled at Robbie's clothes and said, "How about I compensate Robbie to you? You can ravage him as you like. You can do all you want."

Vann giggled, but when he found that there was no smile on the faces of me and Robbie, his smile turned into an unnatural smile. He quickly pushed the paper and pen on the table in front of me, and said, "Well, I know you won't betray us, but this secret agreement is a basic procedure. Please sign it first, so that we can give an explanation to our superior. "

Seeing that the two of us were still serious, the smile on Vann's face c

dy and grinned at me with his hands clasped behind his back. However, he scolded Robbie in a low voice for making him embarrassed.

"This is the first time they do a good thing for such a long time to let you here."

When I approached Erwin, he stood there in a more impatient manner than I did. Seeing that he was still alive and healthy, I thanked God.

Before I could figure out what to say, I was pulled into his arms by Erwin's big hand. I struggled subconsciously, but I couldn't make him loose a little at all.

"Don't struggle. Just let me hug you like this. Just a second!"

Erwin held me tightly in his arms, as if he was afraid that I would run away. His chin was tightly hooked on my shoulder.

I gave up struggling and said to Erwin, "I'm glad you're still alive."

"It's so good to see you again before I die."

"I thought you were dead."

Erwin put his chin on my shoulder again and rested his cheek on my hair on purpose. "Are you sad because I'm dead?"

"I'm very sad and guilty. I feel guilty that I thought you died because of me. I've been thinking that if it weren't for me, you wouldn't have died."

"If I really die, don't be guilty, nor blame yourself. It's all my own choice. I'm willing to do it."

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