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   Chapter 365 Robbie's Identity

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What he said made me more confused. I couldn't even guess what he was going to do next.

"Confidential agreement? What's that? Why should I sign that thing? I don't want to see anyone or sign any confidential agreement. I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't help you."

I refused him and turned around to leave.

"What if I tell you that the person I want you to see is Erwin?"

I was stunned and couldn't believe my ears. "What? I beg your pardon? Who did you say?"


He stressed the name word by word.

"Isn't he already..."

"He is still alive."

In order to let me believe the fact he had said just now, he said again, "He is not dead. He is still alive. Now he wants to see you. We hope he can cooperate with us, but the first condition he makes is that he wants to see you."

For me, who had always been feeling guilty, the fact that he was still alive was both a shocking and delighted thing to me. "Where is he? Where is he now?"

"If you want to see him, you have to go with me."

In order to confirm that he was still alive, I didn't hesitate to agree to his request. I said immediately, "Okay, I'll go with you."

"It's very urgent. We need to leave now."

I looked in the direction of the villa and said, "I need to tell mom, or she will worry about me."

"No. If she knows that you are going out with me, it will be more troublesome and you will be unable to leave for a while. But for this matter, I need you to see him with me right now."

Although I was a little hesitant, what Robbie said was reasonable. Although I had hesitated for a while, in order to confirm the situation of Erwin as soon as possible, I agreed to go with him immediately.

Robbie took me into his car. When his car drove out of the gate, I saw Rogelio's car coming in from the outside.

I lo

s sitting between me and Vann. "Has he also signed the confidential agreement?"

Vann said, "This is his job. He doesn't need to sign it."

The more I heard, the more confused I became. "His job? What's his job?"

Vann looked at Robbie and asked, "Leader, do you want to tell her or you want me to tell her?"

"Let me tell her."

As he spoke, he looked at me, but I still couldn't figure out the situation. I didn't know why Vann called Robbie "leader".

Robbie sat up straight, looking particularly dignified and formal. "Nice to meet you, Jasmine. I'll introduce myself to you again. I'm the director of the criminal investigation team, Robbie."

I was totally confused. How could he be a police?

"I have a special identity. There is only one file in the hands of the director of the provincial public security department that can prove my identity. In fact, not many people know my real identity. In this area, only Vann and you know about my identity."

I was still in a daze, as if I had a dream.

"Vann and I are investigating a major drug dealing case in our city. In order to get more evidence and find out the main culprit behind it, I hide my identity to deal with criminals."

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