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   Chapter 364 Confession

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Robbie looked into my eyes. We looked at each other. We had avoided looking at each other like this for a long time.

"Even if I didn't cheat Rogelio physically, I him cheated mentally. From this point, I'm betraying Rogelio. I didn't do my duty as a wife. I don't blame him."


I lowered my eyes and looked at him again. "But it's all in the past. I've put an end to my love for you. From now on, we don't owe each other."

I pursed my lips and said, "Rogelio married me for an impure purpose, and I just heard from Rosie that he and..."

When I was about to say Michelle's name, I suddenly realized that the relationship among the three of them was a little complicated. I didn't want to be the one who caused the conflicts, so I didn't say it.

"I heard from Rosie that Rogelio is not loyal to me during our marriage. Then we two don't owe each other."

I lowered my head and smiled. "My life is really a drama."

I looked at him and said, "It's a pity that it's an ugly story."

After licking his lips, he put one hand on his waist and raised the other hand to stroke his hair. "Jasmine, if you are willing to forgive me, I want to tell you this time that you are the most regretful decision I have ever made in my life. God sent you to me, but I pushed you away from me. I tortured you and myself. I thought I could restrain my feelings, but I was wrong. I wanted to say these words after you divorced Rogelio, but I think I have to tell you now that I love you, and this love has never decreased in my heart."

A teardrop fell from the corner of my eye without any precaution.

At that moment, my heart ached as if it was hit by a big hammer again and again.

"Robbie, when I woke up from coma, I really hoped that you could keep your promise to me at

t you have something to tell me, but you haven't yet said to me. What do you want to say? Why do you need my help? Why don't you tell me directly?"

"I want to take you to see someone."


"You will know when you get there, and I believe you will want to see him."

I was a little dissatisfied with his concealment. "What's the purpose of letting me see him?"

"I hope you can persuade him to cooperate with us."

"Who do you want me to meet? Why do you think he will agree to cooperate with you if I go to see him? What should he cooperate with you? Did you do some bad things again?"

Robbie shook his head and said, "Neither." After hesitating for a few seconds, he said, "Jasmine, I have to admit that I have been hiding something from you. That's why there are some misunderstandings between us. But before I tell you, I need you to sign an agreement."

"An agreement? What agreement?I have known the share transfer agreement and the divorce agreement. What else do you want me to sign now?"

Robbie took out a cigarette from his pocket and was about to light it, but when he saw my belly, he just held the cigarette in his hand and said, "Confidential agreement."

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