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   Chapter 360 Starting A New Life

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"I see, mom. I'll go downstairs more tomorrow."

Pointing at the soup on the table, Nancy said, "Well, eat more. The soup is specially made for you, and it's very nutritious."

I had drunk two bowls of soup, and I couldn't drink any more. Hearing what Nancy said, I still filled another bowl of soup.

"Mom, I'm going to the night school tonight and will often go there in the future. Uncle Jerry will pick me up. Don't worry about me. I'll take good care of the baby in my belly."

Everyone looked up at me as if they were listening to something incredible.

Nancy frowned. "Why did you go to the night school? What's more, even if you want to have a better education, night school is not a good place to go. Only a few people really admit the education level of people from that kind of place. What's more, you are pregnant now. Your belly will be so big only in two months."

"I once had classes in that night school, and my teachers taught me well. It's not good for me to stay at home all day without anything to do. Mom, don't worry. I will take care of myself. I won't go if I feel uncomfortable."

Robbie said, "Since she wants to go, let her go. Brother and I will pick her up if we have time."

Rogelio frowned and said to Robbie, "You don't have to pick up Jasmine. Aren't you afraid of being exposed by the media again? If I have time, I will go pick her up."

"Don't bother. You two are always very busy. Uncle Jerry will drive me home."

My tone was not polite, but the meaning of refusal could not be sensed by Nancy. However, I believed that both Rogelio and Robbie were clear about it.

I put down the tableware and said respectfully to Nancy, "Mom, it's time for me to go to class."

Then I stood up and left the restaurant without waiting for their response.

Jerry waited for me and sent me to the night school as scheduled.

When I came here for class a

. Why haven't you gone to bed yet?"

Seeing me back, Nancy felt relieved. "It's not safe to have classes at night. You are really troublesome."

After saying that, Nancy stood up and pulled Rosie to take her back to her room for a rest.

However, Rosie broke away from Nancy and threw herself into Robbie's arms. She held him tightly and said, "I want to sleep with my brother."

"Don't be silly. Go back to your room with me. You are not a child."

Rosie put her head into his arms, and Nancy couldn't pull her at all.

"No! I want to sleep with my brother. He is the most handsome man. I want to sleep with him."

"Mom, it's okay. Let her be with me. I'll send her back to her room later." said Robbie, putting down his phone.

Hearing what Robbie said, Nancy let go of her hand and said, "Well, since Rosie is willing to be with you, you should take good care of her. We have to find a way to cure her."

"Rosie will be fine. Don't worry, mom."

Nancy said, "It's easy for you to say that. I want to rest assured, but I can't."

With a sigh, Nancy went upstairs. I didn't want to stay with them. I wanted to go back to my room with Nancy.

Before I could take a step forward, Robbie asked Rogelio, "How did the shareholders react today?"

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