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   Chapter 338 Fight For Marriage

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I lowered my eyes, and Rogelio put me on the bed in another room.


Seeing that Rogelio turned around and was about to leave, I still wanted to say something to him.

With his back to me, he turned his head slightly and asked, "Are you still not feeling well?"

"I feel a little dizzy!"

"You will be fine after a good sleep."

After saying that, Rogelio was about to leave. But I continued, "Rogelio, I'm a little thirsty. Can you get me a glass of water?"

After hesitating for a while, Rogelio turned around and poured me a glass of water.

At that moment, I felt warm in my heart. This was the only moment that we got along with each other like a real couple for the past month.

Holding the glass in both hands, I looked up at Rogelio and said, "You are always busy with your work. It's not easy for us to go out together. This is the first time I go abroad. Can you take me out for a walk?"

"There's no need. Besides, I've bought the air tickets," said Rogelio coldly.

"Just return the tickets. Let's go back a few days later, okay?"

I knew that after he came back, he would devote himself to work again. There was no problem with our marriage in the past, but now I was afraid that he would work day and night, so that our marriage would be impossible to repair.

I didn't want my child to be born in a broken family, so I still wanted to fight for my child and myself again.

"I don't think it's necessary. If you really want to stay, I can return your ticket. You can stay here as long as you want."

"If you leave, I won't stay. What's the point of staying here alone? And I don't know how to speak French."

"That's none of my business." Rogelio hesitated for a moment, but when he thought of those unhappy things, his eyes became cold again.

It was rare for me to have a few words with Rogelio. Although it was not

g his fists, he said, "Don't tell me that the baby in your belly is mine. It makes me feel sick."

In fact, when I saw the clenched fists of Rogelio, I was still afraid. Although I didn't blame him for beating and scolding me, I was still afraid of being beaten. I was afraid that he would lose control of his emotions again.

I pursed my lips. At this time, I didn't know what else I could do except by using Mr. Qi as an excuse. "Rogelio, I can understand that you were angry with me and blamed me a few days ago. Even if you beat me, I won't blame you. But I hope you can control your dislike towards me from now on. If I really feel uncomfortable, I may tell Mr. Qi."

I didn't want to threaten Rogelio, but this was the only thing I could do now.

Finally, I guessed right. Rogelio's clenched fists gradually loosened. He took a deep breath and bit his lips.

"Where shall we go tomorrow? Mr. Qi are waiting to see our photos."

Hearing that, Rogelio stood up all of a sudden. "Jasmine, it seems that I have underestimated you."

I tried my best to ignore the coldness in his eyes and avoid eye contact with him. "It's not appropriate for Rosie to stay here alone. If you book new tickets for us, book a return ticket for her."

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