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   Chapter 337 Rosie Went Crazy

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"Do you feel wronged? Do you think I insulted your so-called 'innocence' indiscriminately?" Rogelio walked towards me step by step, staring into my eyes. "Who were you with that day in the hotel?"

"Rogelio, listen to me. I went to the hotel, but I didn't do anything wrong to you. I just went to save someone."

"Save her? Are you going to save Rosie? Then tell me how did you know that Rosie was in that hotel? Why didn't you ask me for help? Why didn't you ask for help from Robbie? Why did you ask for help from Erwin?"


The corners of his mouth twitched. He sneered and said, "Do you want to say that you deliberately found that man and fooled around with him in the hotel to save Rosie because she likes Erwin? Or do you think it's not enough for you to hook up with him once, and you still didn't go home all night and spend a whole night with him again?"

With my eyes wide open, I was a little surprised that Rogelio knew these things. "You know I went to see Erwin?"

"If it weren't for Rosie's accusation, I would have thought you were a virtuous woman."

"Yes, I did go to see Erwin, but the relationship between me and him is not what you think. We are just ordinary friends."

"Ordinary friends? Do you dare to say that he has no feelings for you?"

It seemed that Rogelio was looking at a woman who was full of lies. In his eyes, I couldn't see any trust in me.

"Since you have already suspected me, why didn't you expose me before? Why did you choose to marry me?"

I knew that no matter how much I explained, he wouldn't believe me. It would only make my image in his heart worse without

was all my fault.

I nodded to Rosie. At this moment, I felt guilty not only for Erwin, but also for Rogelio. I hated myself for not being able to explain clearly. I hated myself for being stupid. I hated everything was getting worse and worse because of me.

"It's really you! Why did you kill him? Give him back to me!"

Out of control, Rosie pounced on me. Her fists hit me hard. I was afraid of that he would hurt the baby, so I turned around and protected my belly, letting her vent her anger.

"Let me kill her! I'll kill her!"

Rogelio pushed Rosie hard to the bed and looked at me, who was on the ground. He hesitated for a moment, but finally he picked me up and took me out of her room.

"Thank you."

I know that before he forgave me, he didn't want to do anything to help me, but in the end, he helped me.

At that moment, I was wondering if I could still have a glimmer of hope for our relationship.

Staring ahead, Rogelio still chose to be indifferent to me.


"Don't think too much. I just don't want Mr. Qi to see that you are injured."

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