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   Chapter 336 Adding Insult To Injury

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In my eyes, Rogelio had gradually become a devil. I didn't even doubt that he would take the life of me and my baby when he couldn't control his emotions.

I spent the past ten days in fear. The man in front of me was no longer the man I knew.

In the following half a month, I had never seen Rogelio again. He seemed to disappear from the world all of a sudden and never appeared by my side. I didn't know where he was.

I tried to walk around in the house and communicate with the maid, but none of us could understand each other because of the language barrier. Besides, she seemed to have no patience for me. She only took care of my three meals every day and tried not to appear in my sight.

All of a sudden, I lost contact with the outside world, as if I were living on another planet. Because Rogelio was not here, I didn't even have the means to contact the outside world.

Just when I thought I would live alone like this, Rogelio appeared again. His eyes on me did not soften because of the separation of more than ten days.

When his fingers slid across my face, I thought he was going to hit me again, so I couldn't help but dodge back reflexively. His fingers stopped in the air and he said to me expressionlessly, "The honeymoon is over."

Rogelio rudely pulled open my collar and looked at my bare shoulder. "You recovered well."

Yes, the time of half a month was enough for me to recover the scars on my body, and there was no trace of domestic violence on my body.

"Rogelio, where have you been for such a long time?"

"Sleeping with different women."

In fact, at that time, I still took what Rogelio said as a kind of joke out of his anger. I didn't take it seriously. I just felt that he was reminding me that I was unfaithful to him.

"Are we going back?"

"Shame on you! You still have the courage to go home?"

I p

ng her knees, and her eyes were empty and dull.

I hurried into the room and slowly crouched down in front of her. "Rosie, why are you sitting here? You'll catch a cold. Let me help you to the bed, okay?"

Rosie was like a frightened hedgehog, for she shrank more tightly and muttered, "Don't touch me, don't touch me."

"Rosie, can you still recognize me?"

Rosie's eyes were dull. "Mom, I'm afraid and I want to go home. Brother, I'm sorry. Let me go home. Let me go home."

Rosie was obviously in a bad mental state. I squatted on the ground and turned to look at Rogelio. "Rogelio, why is her like this? Why was she here? Why didn't she stay in the hospital to recuperate? We can't leave her alone in a foreign country. Let her come back with us tomorrow."

"There is a private doctor here to treat her. But who do you think is responsible for her current state?"

"Rogelio, don't you think the same as Rosie that I have something to do with it? I didn't drug her, nor did I take her to the hotel. You can deny everything about me, but don't blame me for everything, okay?"

My relationship with Rogelio was already bad enough. I didn't want to add insult to injury to our relationship because of some fabricated charges.

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