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   Chapter 335 Darkness Came

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For my unfriendly attitude, Rogelio showed a very fierce look at me. He pulled the hair at the back of my head with one hand again and pulled it back. My head was backward, and I felt very uncomfortable all over my body.

"Have you arrived in France? Did Rogelio make it hard for you?"

There was a warning in Rogelio's eyes. I tried my best to make my voice sound smooth in this position. "Rogelio is very good to me. You don't need to worry about our affairs."

"If you need anything, just call me. Remember, he can choose to divorce you, but I will never allow him to hurt you."

Looking at the uncertain expression of Rogelio, I was afraid that what Mr. Qi said would only intensify his resentment and suspicion towards me. In a hurry to end the call, I said to Mr. Qi, "We two are very good. He is willing to try to forgive me. Thank you for your concern. I'm a little tired. I want to have a rest."

"Okay. Take care of yourself and the baby,"

Mr. Qi said and hung up the phone in a hurry. I still looked at Rogelio with fear, because I was not sure if he would hit me on impulse.

"You are really something. Even a man like Mr. Qi would stand up for you and don't care to share you with many men."

As he spoke, he slapped hard on my face. The force of the slap was not heavy, but it made my whole heart full of humiliation.

"Rogelio, I can explain to you what happened between me and Robbie. But please trust me. I don't have such relationship with Mr. Qi or Erwin."

"Trust you? Don't you know how to lie to me again and again? Didn't you lie to Mr. Qi just now? You are such a good liar. What's more disgusting is that you can pretend to be innocent. It seems that it's really a pity that I have put your career to an end. It's really a waste of a good actress."

I didn't blame him fo

hat everything would slowly become better. Time was the best medicine, but I didn't expect that it was just the beginning of my nightmare.

Rogelio's revenge was more severe than I thought. Because of the inexplicable video request of Mr. Qi, he would not slap my face again, but he left more and more bruises on my body.

No matter it was when he was sober or when he was drunk, he never stopped beating me. He never stopped humiliating me physically or verbally. I tried to understand him, but I became more depressed day by day. Gradually, the appearance of him made me start to fear and tremble all over, because I knew that the physical pain was inevitable.

This kind of life lasted for about ten days, and I never left my bedroom. I did not speak French here, and the maid just sent some food and left. She would come back to collect the plate in an hour.

Then at 8 o'clock every night, I had to pretend to be fine with Rogelio and have a short video call with Mr. Qi.

It was only in a few minutes that I could see Rogelio smile at me and pretend to be very protective of me. Everything between us had passed, and every time the phone was hung up, Rogelio would sneer at me or beat me again.

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