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   Chapter 334 Domestic Violence

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I was not asking for Mr. Qi's opinion. I just said something and turned around to get on the car.

Sitting in the car, I saw that Mr. Qi talked with Rogelio for a few more words, but I didn't hear what he said in detail. I just saw that Rogelio frowned for a while and then had a relieved look.

A few minutes later, Rogelio returned to the car, and Mr. Qi's car also made way and left.

Rogelio took out a dress from his suitcase and threw it on me heavily. "Put it on. You will only attract more attention in your current clothes. Aren't you ashamed enough?"

The cover in the driver's seat was raised, and Rogelio was sitting there, staring at me.

Being watched by Rogelio, I felt very uncomfortable, but I didn't want to make him unhappy again. I unwillingly unzipped the wedding dress.

All of a sudden, Rogelio leaned forward and put one hand on my seat, his face almost touching mine.

Rogelio's eyes swept over me, and he put his other hand on my bare skin around my waist. "Who else have you slept with except for Robbie?"

Looking at the horrible look in his eyes, I shook my head hard and said, "No, no one else."

"No one else? Hasn't Erwin ever fucked you? Didn't Mr. Qi fuck you?"

I looked at him in disbelief. "What are you talking about? Why do you think me in that way?"

"If not, why did Mr. Qi help you? He has no reason to care about you."

I couldn't help but think about what Mr. Qi said to Rogelio just now. At that time, I only felt that the whole world began to be my enemy. Looking at the emotions in Rogelio's eyes, I didn't have any expectation of our relationship at all.

For me and Rogelio, it was a long trip. We didn't talk or have any physical contact all the way. Even he looked at me, his eyes were filled with the deepest disgust.

Finally, we arrived in France very late, but it was still daytime in France.


y gentle. He is just too angry. It's all mom's fault."

I didn't want to lose this child. I wanted him to come, I wanted Rogelio to forgive me, and I didn't want to make Nancy sad.

Rogelio didn't come back. I was tired and hungry. I gradually fell asleep.

In my sleep, I felt that her hair was pulled hard, and my whole scalp seemed to be about to be pulled open. It was very painful.

I opened my eyes in a daze and saw Rogelio's face. His gloomy face looked a little terrifying in the dim room.

"It hurts, Rogelio!"

Rogelio grabbed my hair and pulled me up from the bed, while the phone was ringing in his hand.

I saw the name on the phone. It was Mr. Qi.

My body was pulled up. Rogelio's hand, which had just pulled my hair, patted me on the cheek and said, "How should you reply later? I don't think I need to teach you, right?"

I didn't know what on earth Rogelio wanted to do, nor did I understand why Mr. Qi pestered me.

Rogelio put through the phone.

"Hello, is that Jasmine?"

"Why are you calling me?" I didn't want to receive any call from any man, including Mr. Qi, because of the current situation of me and Rogelio, even though I didn't know why Rogelio still suspected that I had an affair with Mr. Qi.

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