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   Chapter 332 It Doesn't Matter

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Raymond said to me sincerely, "My child, I have to say that the matter of you and Robbie did hurt Rogelio a lot, but there are many things in the world that can't be solved by divorcing. I hope you can think carefully and treat them seriously."


Nancy stamped her feet, "Where, where, where are you going with my grandson? Let me tell you, you are not allowed to go anywhere before giving the birth to my grandson. "

"Mom, I..."

Raymond said, "My child, it's unfair to Rogelio on this matter. You are guilty to him. Do you agree with what I said?"

I didn't have the face to face the two old people in front of me. They looked so kind. If it were someone else, it would be reasonable for them to beat and curse me, but the situation at the moment was completely different.

I nodded at Raymond with my head down. I agreed with him.

"Since you feel guilty to him, shouldn't you apologize to him? Should you give him an explanation? "

"Yes, I should!"

"In that case, you should make it clear to each other peacefully. As for whether you will divorce or not, I think on this matter, since the marriage is not decided by Rogelio, let him decide whether to divorce, okay?"

At this moment, Raymond was still asking for my opinion. I was grateful for his reason. The more I appreciated him, the more I hated myself. How could I let them bear everything now?

I nodded heavily and said, "Okay."

In fact, I didn't think that Rogelio would choose to continue our marriage. No one would accept this, even if I were, I would not accept it.

But what Raymond said was right. It would be more equitable to ask Rogelio to make the final decision. I should be the one who was disliked and abandoned. I had no right to make the decision.

"Okay, let's go home now."

Raymond looked at Robbie behind him and said, "You s

ig living room. The others were sent away. The sobbing of Nancy could be heard occasionally but it was still silent.

With the hint of Raymond, I slowly sat down opposite them. As soon as I sat down, Robbie walked in from the outside with a cigarette between his fingers. He sat down silently and lowered his head. The smoke became more and more intense around us.

It was Raymond who broke the atmosphere first. "Robbie, I hope you can put away your silence. You should think about how to give a reasonable explanation to Rogelio. As for whether you are forgiven or not, it's up to Rogelio."

Raymond looked at me and said, "My child, I just want to ask you, do you love Rogelio?"


"It doesn't matter whether you love me or not!"

Rogelio's voice suddenly appeared above us. I looked up and saw Rogelio standing at the stair railing of the third floor, with a suitcase in his hand.

"Rogelio..." I stood up involuntarily.

Rogelio's face was still very gloomy, as if there would be no sunny day in the world. The man who had just been happy and stretched out his hand to me, and the man who had just said he was happy in front of the vicar and he was willing to take my hand, was completely hurt by me.

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