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   Chapter 330 The Role Of Father

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I finally put on the wedding dress, put on a beautiful makeup and sat quietly in the lounge, waiting for the auspicious time to come.

Worried, Nancy came in to see me several times and asked if I felt uncomfortable. If I was too tired, she let me must tell her and don't bear it by myself.

Another time, Nancy came in to send the nutritious soup that Maria asked people to cook for me every day. At that moment, I unconsciously took the hand of Nancy. Even if all her care was because of the baby, I was still grateful and cherished it from the bottom of my heart because her care gave me a sense of belonging from confusion.

Nancy patted my hand and told me not to be nervous which was not good for the baby. But I couldn't rest assured. I knew my mother would be a time bomb of me, a bomb which would explode at any time, and everything I had now would disappear then.

The door of the lounge was opened again. I thought it was my mother-in-law who came in to see me again, but this time it was Robbie.

I gripped the hemline of the wedding dress tightly and asked Robbie in an unfriendly tone, "What are you doing here?"

Looking at me, Robbie looked less determined than before and said, "It's Rogelio who asked me to come here. He said that you need someone to guide you to him later. In general, this person should be your father, but your father had gone a long time before. So he chose a person for you."

Because I only saw Robbie then. I thought Rogelio wanted Robbie to play such a role, so I immediately refused, "I don't need you to do this."

"Not me."

As he spoke, Robbie turned his body slightly and made way for the door. I stared at the door, and the person who came in later made me even more furious. I couldn't sit down calmly anymore, and I stood up from the chair all of a sudden.

"What do you mean, Robbie? Why must you do something to make me upset? Can't you really see me live a slightly bett

t the person I can tell."

I looked ahead and found that Rogelio was standing at the end of the line. Wearing a white suit, Rogelio looked very energetic today. His smile was very warm. From afar, he had reached out his hand to me.

On the first table off the stage, my mother was sitting there. She was wearing a red dress today, with a red flower on her chest. She looked like a noble woman.

Faye used to be indifferent to my wedding, but when I was getting closer and closer to her, I found that she was staring at my direction in a daze. But on a closer look, I found that she was not looking at me, but at Mr. Qi beside me.

At this moment, I was only a few steps away from Rogelio. Mr. Qi whispered to me, "My girl, you must be happy."

There were a lot of people off the stage watching. I thought it was not appropriate for me to make any retort and told him that I didn't need his blessing.

Mr. Qi raised my hand with the other hand of him and handed me to Rogelio. "I'm handing Jasmine to you now. You must treat her well in the future. Don't bully her, don't be bad to her, and don't let her suffer any grievance. If I know you treat her badly, I won't let you go."

Rogelio took my hand from Mr. Qi and said, "I have no reason to be bad to Jasmine. She is my wife."

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