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   Chapter 329 My Heart Was Broken Into Pieces.

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My mother held the bank card with two fingers and looked at it. "How much money is in this card?"

When my mother asked this question, she didn't seem to care about what I said at all. Her disdainful look made me have no last hope for my mother.

"Two million."

My mother snorted, "It seems that you have chosen to pay monthly, but it doesn't matter. Since you have paid for a month, I will keep your secret for a month. You must give me living expenses on time next month, or I will expose these photos to the public."

My mother twisted her neck and thumped her back with her fist. "I'm so tired today. These dresses are really not suitable for me and I'm not feeling well at all. Ah, I'm too tired. I have to rest, so I won't accompany you. Aren't you busy? By the way, aren't you busy with your wedding tomorrow? Go back quickly and have a good rest. Take care of yourself and the baby. It will be a pity if you give birth to an unhealthy child."

Faye stood up and said to me with a smile, "What do you think? I have said that I would give you a wedding gift for you as a surprise, remember it?"

My mother was very satisfied with my pale face. Then she laughed and went into the room to rest.

I grabbed the photos on the table and tore them up crazily. Tears welled up on my face. I didn't understand why my mother could be so good to Jacen, but couldn't show love towards me. Was it just because I was a daughter? But I was also her child. Why did she have to push me into a dead end?

Robbie pressed his big hand on mine and said, "Don't tear them up. It's useless."

I also knew that if Faye dared to leave these photos here, it meant that she still had a backup. But I could only vent my anger in this way.

I shook off his hand in disgust. That kind of touch had become a kind of disgust for me since

kery and said to him, "Can you still think of anyone else who treats me sincerely?"

"There will always be. Your husband is just busy for a while, but it is enough that he loves you. Since you have this child, Madam will always be good to you. In the future, your child will also love you."

"I can only place my hope on an unborn child. I have lived a tragic life. Even my mother hates me, but I can't figure out what I have done wrong. I am so stupid that I don't even know what I have done wrong. That's why I am so ridiculous."

I talked to myself and looked out of the window. The car passed by the Lego at that moment, which reminded me of Erwin again. "There was a person in the world who once loved me sincerely, but he is no longer here."

Uncle Jerry still remembered what Nancy had told him. He drove to the gate of his house on time at ten o'clock, but I didn't rush in. He looked at me worriedly and sighed softly, "Mrs. Claire, life will always be bad, but the bad things will eventually pass. You are a lucky person, and you will be happy in the future. Tomorrow is your good day, so just let your unhappiness end today. From tomorrow on, focus on the present and make tomorrow your happy start."

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