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   Chapter 328 She Was Heartless

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The door was closed by me with a bang. At that moment, I thought that all my feelings for Robbie and all our past were just like this door. As a permanent end, we should be separated and have nothing to do with each other in the future.

At this time, my mother was still wearing the black dress. She rushed over and asked, "Where is Robbie? Why didn't he come in?"

"Why did you ask him to come here?"

"You are not unfamiliar with him, and there is no one else here. Why did you refuse him to come in?"

My mother opened the door as she said. I wanted to stop her, but found that she was actually stronger than me.

Still standing at the door in the same position, he didn't leave or even seem to have moved.

My mother smiled at him the same way as when I came in just now. She was weird and always made people feel awkward, but it seemed that this was her nature.

"Come on in. I know you two are both very busy. You can't stay here for too long."

I couldn't stop my mother, so I just turned around and walked into the room without saying anything. My mother followed him into the room, and she arranged a seat for him opposite to me. She asked us two with a smile, "What do you want to drink?"



I said almost at the same time with Robbie. We looked at each other, and I felt uncomfortable and looked away.

My mother smiled and said, "Jasmine gave you her virginity. But I didn't expect that you two still have such a tacit understanding."

I was unhappy that my mother mentioned it again in front of Robbie. It should not be something that he and I wanted to remember anymore.

"Mom, what are you talking about? How dare you mention it?"

My mother snorted and didn't go to pour water. Instead, she sat down, crossed her legs, raised her chin and said to the two of us, "We are adults, and we are not good men and women. Don't pretend to be decent!"

All of a sudden, my mother's attitude was the same

hat good will it do to you if I don't have money? Aren't you really afraid of losing your current house?"

My mother looked at me contemptuously. "Do you think I have no backbone? Let me tell you, sometimes I have guts, and don't forget that people like me are the most vindictive."

"Do you want to do this bad thing to me? I am your daughter!"

"My daughter? Humph! What ridiculous words you are saying?" My mother glanced at him and said, "You can afford it, right?"

"I don't like to be threatened. If you threaten me, you have to think about the price of threatening me."

My mother smiled and said, "I've been in prison once. Am I afraid of being sent to prison a second time?"

My mother was indeed more courageous than before.

I grabbed my backpack, took out the bank card that Nancy gave me, and threw it in front of my mother. "This card is supposed to be given to you today, but I didn't expect that you would still do this kind of thing for money today, regardless of our relationship."

Clenching my fists tightly, I took a deep breath and said to my mother, "That's all I can give you. If you want to live a good life in the future, I will take good care of you and let you live a rich life. But if you still treat me in this way, I think our relationship is really over."

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