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   Chapter 327 I Met Him

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I checked the time and found it was too late. "Mom, it's late now. If I go out at this time, my mother-in-law will worry about me. Is there anything important? If it's not important, we..."

"I bought a few dresses today and want you to help me choose which one to wear tomorrow. I don't want to embarrass you tomorrow. Besides, Jacen has told me a lot today. I think it's necessary to rebuild our relationship. Besides, I heard that as soon as the wedding is over tomorrow, Rogelio will take you abroad for a honeymoon. I'm afraid you won't be able to come home for one or two months. I want to have a good gathering with you tonight."

It was rare for my mother to talk to me in such a tone and attitude. Now she was willing to improve the relationship with me. In my heart, I really wanted to do something to rebuild our relationship. I thought what she said was right. As the saying goes, it was better to strike while the iron was hot.

I didn't think too much and promised, "Okay, I'll ask for a leave from my mother-in-law first."

"Yes, you should tell her in case she worries about you."

I didn't think prison was a bad place. At least it had changed my mother a lot and made her more reasonable.

I got dressed and went to see her. Seeing that I was dressed neatly, Nancy asked curiously, "It's so late. Are you going out?"

"My mother just called and asked me to go to her place. She asked me to check which dress she should wear to avoid embarrassing me tomorrow. She said that I and Rogelio would leave China after the wedding. She wanted to have a chat with me tonight and have a get-together. She just came out today, and I didn't accompany her well for a while. Now that my mother brought it up, I think I should go to see her."

Nancy looked at my belly and nodded reluctantly, although she was worried about me. "Then go for a while. Don't stay too long. It's ten past eight now. I'll ask Jerry to go with you. Come back before ten o'clock. Don't be too late. Lack of sleep is not good for th

Although the style was good, I didn't think this color was suitable.

"How about this one?"

I shook my head and said, "This color is not good. After all, tomorrow is a happy day. You'd better wear some clothes with bright colors."

It was the first time that my mother and I talked about something like this. It felt good. At that moment, I really thought our relationship was on the right track.

At this time, the doorbell rang. I looked at my mother and asked, "You just moved in. Who will it be at this late hour?"

My mother smiled mysteriously and said, "Maybe it's Jacen. I really hope that he can move in and live with me. Go and see who it is. It should be your brother. Open the door for him."

I opened the door as I did. I didn't expect it to be someone else, so I didn't look at the surveillance video. But I didn't expect that the person I saw when I opened the door was Robbie.

And when he saw me, he also showed a trace of surprise.

"Why are you here? What are you doing here?"

My tone was not good. The gap between me and Robbie was deeper than I imagined.

"Your mother called me."

I stopped at the door and didn't mean to let him in. I lowered my eyes and was about to close the door with my hand holding the door. "I think she might have made a mistake. There's nothing else here. You can leave now."

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