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   Chapter 325 It's Better Not To See You

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Although Jacen's impression of Nancy hadn't completely changed, he knew that Nancy had been very good to me recently. Although he couldn't completely hide the unhappy expression on his face, he could still hold back his anger and said "Okay" to show that he was not impolite.

"Thank you, mom. But I don't need this card."

Nancy insisted on stuffing the bank card into my hand. "I know exactly what your mother likes. Besides, she just came out of the prison, so she must be short of money. Even if I don't give her money, she will ask you for money. You'd better take the initiative. After all, you married into our Luo family and have my grandson. I should also give your family some betrothal gifts. Just give the money to her."

Although Nancy used to be mean to me, I had to admit that she was very accurate with my mother's nature.

"It doesn't matter. We're a family. It's okay."

Nancy said indifferently and asked Uncle Jerry to send us there. Before leaving, she also told Jacen and Uncle Jerry to take good care of me and not to let me have any accident.

When we went out, Jacen still couldn't help saying in front of Uncle Jerry, "Sister, your mother-in-law's attitude has changed too much. I can't imagine what she would have towards you if you didn't have this baby!"

"I am glad that she treats me well. We are a family. Let bygones be bygones."

"As long as you are happy, it's okay. I also hope that you can live a good life."

When we arrived at the gate of the prison, it was eleven fifty-five. There were still five minutes left before Faye was released.

Jacen had been staring at the prison gate. There was anxiety and expectation in his eyes. He clenched his hands nervously and said, "Sister, do you think mom can recognize me? Do you think we can go back to our childho

he can live a decent life now and marry into the Luo family. You can ask her if she can live such a good life without me. But what was the result? It's okay that he doesn't know how to repay me. But she even thought that I humiliated her and sent me to prison. She framed me because of Robbie's ability."

"Mom, she is not that kind of person as you said. And Robbie won't frame you."

My mother looked at Jacen unhappily and said, "Son, why don't you believe me? I am your mother. No one loves you more than I do."

Jacen got out of her mother's arms and took a step back. "Mom, I hated you when you threw me to grandpa and grandma, but I came here today because I think we are a family. I have reconciled with my sister, and I also hope that our family can be together. If you still treat my sister like this, I may reconsider if I should recognize you as my mum."

My mother looked at Jacen in astonishment. Jacen's sudden coldness made her look a little sad, but she was angrier because of me.

My mother suddenly walked towards me and pointed at my nose with her finger. "Jasmine, you are such a jinx. I ask you, what on earth did you instigate my son? Why doesn't he recognize me as his mum?

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