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   Chapter 324 Arrived As Scheduled

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As soon as we arrived at home, I was escorted back to my room by Nancy. She didn't feel relieved until I lay on the bed steadily and didn't show any discomfort.

Nancy asked Maria to bring me the soup cooked for me. She nodded with satisfaction when I drank them all and sat next to me. She was not in a hurry to leave. I knew what she really didn't want to leave was the baby.

"The baby of you must be very filial. You have been pregnant for more than two months, but you don't vomit. That's good! You really don't know what I experienced when I had Robbie. At that time, I would vomit all things I had had. And look at him now, he has grown up but he doesn't even want to go back home. "

It would be fine if Nancy didn't mention Robbie. But when she mentioned Robbie, a surge of sadness welled up in my heart. I was sad for my wrong love and my trust in Robbie, which killed Erwin.

My hand touched the ring on my finger unconsciously, and my heart was filled with endless regret.

"But you are so careless. You did not even have the idea to make a check when your menstruation did not come for so long."

"My menstruation is not very accurate all the time, and I'm not in the mood to think about it these days."

Nancy looked at me with guilt, "If you had known it earlier, how could I have done that to you? I'm just angry that you even don't have a baby for so long! Let bygones be bygones. We are a family from now on. "

"Mom, we are a family all the time. I didn't do well in the past. It's my fortune that you are willing to give me a chance to be filial to you."

"Yes, yes, a family, a family." Hearing what I said, Nancy looked very happy and she touched my belly again and said, "Well, my dear grandson, I won't disturb your mother. You should also have a good sleep too. Grow up and come to see me quickly, okay?"

Nancy looked around and asked, "Where is Rogelio? Why didn't he

t matter whether I hate her or not. It's just that it's not me who can get over this now. It's probably mom."

Jacen didn't understand what I said, because he didn't have any contact with Faye these years. He didn't understand that sometimes, the image of a mother was not as good as what he wanted.

"Let's go. It's almost time she will be released"

When I was about to go out, Nancy stopped me. Because of the arrival of the baby these days, our relationship had become much better. So when she knew where I would go, although she was still full of disgust for my mother, she was not as straightforward as before.

"Your mother is out. She happens to be able to attend your wedding tomorrow. She..." Nancy took a deep breath and said, "You should know her better than me. Tell her not to talk nonsense and behave indecently at the wedding tomorrow."

Nancy gave me a credit card, "Give this to your mother and buy her some decent clothes. Anyway, she can't lose your face tomorrow."

Nancy glanced at Jacen and said, "Don't think too much, Jacen. I don't mean anything else. Anyway, although your sister has left the entertainment circle, she was a star before. Those reporters like these things. Don't you want your mother to embarrass your sister, right?"

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