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   Chapter 323 The Change Of Mother-in-law

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I looked at Rogelio. He smiled at me and said, "Jacen isnot exaggerating. That doctor has been annoyed to death by my mother. Now she wants all the doctors in the in-patient department to know that you are pregnant."

"But mom and Jacen are not with Rosie. Who is taking care of Rosie now?"

Speaking of Rosie, Rogelio made a sigh slightly. He pursed his lips and said, "You don't have to worry about her for the time being. This morning, I have arranged people to send her to France for recuperation."

I looked at Rogelio with a little confuse, "Send her to France alone?"

"She is not alone. There is a nanny in France who has worked for our family for 5 years. When she was studying abroad, the nanny had been taking care of her all the time and treated her very well. This time, I have found a few people who I have trusted to take care of her together. You know, this matter has just known by the public. If she stays at our nation, the overwhelming news will only make her suffer more. It's a good thing for her to hear not any such news by leaving here. "

"Yes, you are right. But I'm still worried about Rosie without any one family around."

"Our wedding will be held in ten days. After the wedding, we will go on a honeymoon. This time, I'm afraid we can only go on a honeymoon in France. I planned to take you to travel a few more countries, but this time we will stay in France."

"Wedding?" I looked at Rogelio and asked, "Our family is in troubles now. Is the wedding still going to be held?"

"Yes, of course." All of a sudden, Nancy appeared at the door of the ward. Although she had been a little thin for sleeping a little in the past two days, her face was a little red. She walked to me in a hurry, and she looked at me very gently. "This wedding must be held. Although you and Rogelio are legally married, it is not a whole marriage without


"Okay, I see." Turning around, Nancy asked, "How are you feeling now? Can you leave the bed? "

I nodded, "yes."

Like a real patient, I was lifted up by others. When my feet were about to fall on the ground, Nancy still felt inappropriate and said to Rogelio, "You'd better not let her move more. Don't hurt the baby again. Carry her to the wheelchair."

"Mom, I..."

I thought I could do that by myself, and I didn't want to bother others, but Nancy said to me, "You should learn to take good care of yourself when you need to. As a man, it's normal for Rogelio to hug his wife. You can take it as a rehearsal for the wedding day in advance."

Nancy didn't feel sorry for Rogelio and didn't get angry when Rogelio treated me good. Instead, she smiled and watched me being carried to the wheelchair. She even asked someone to bring me a wool blanket and put it on my legs. She was afraid that I would be blown by the wind when I went out, as if I was in confinement.

It was the first time that I had a deep understanding of the so-called "the mother's honor increases for her son".

On the way, Nancy sat behind the car with me and she asked the driver to drive slowly and asked me if I felt uncomfortable every now and then.

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