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   Chapter 321 The Last Time I Saw Him

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I looked at the man who I hated at the beginning. In fact, even if I saved him, I didn't hate or like him at all even at this moment.

But even if he died, he didn't want to betray me. He was afraid that I would be involved, which only made me feel more guilty to him.

Erwin shook his head slightly, indicating that I shouldn't say anything. "You don't know where the police station is. Do you even know the number to call the police? Let me tell you. It's number 520. Do you remember? If you miss me in the future, you can call this number."

At that moment, when I saw the expression on Erwin's face, I felt a little sad. I didn't deserve him to treat me like this. I never deserved.

All of a sudden, he put his other hand on the back of my head and pulled my head towards him. His lips kissed my eyes and the tears that were about to fall down.

Before I could react, Erwin pushed me away again and pushed me to the seat where Robbie was sitting. He smiled at him and said, "Anyway, I'm going to die. Since I have kissed her, I am not afraid of my death anymore. Anyway, she is your sister-in-law. If she really dies, you can't explain it to your brother, right? It's our men's business. Don't get her involved."

Taking a look at Sam, Erwin said, "You can tie me up when we go out. I was so brave and handsome in front of her just now. So don't embarrass me in front of her."

Sam didn't refuse. Erwin walked towards the door.


I called his name loudly. It was the first time that he didn't look at me anymore.

I wanted to run up to stop him, but before I could take a step forward, my arm was grabbed by Robbie and he stopped me.

I raised my arm in anger, and the air froze at that moment. My hand felt a pain. I looked at Robbie, and there was a red print on his face. I realized that I had slapped him on the face just n

join them in lying on the bed?" I continued, "The family is in a mess. I've caused you trouble again. How's it going with Rosie? Did Michelle delete her micro-blog?"

"After Robbie sent you to the hospital, everything was settled. Michelle has deleted the micro-blog, but you did cause us a big trouble!"

Seeing that Rogelio was looking at me with a spoiled look while saying that I had caused a big trouble, I suddenly felt sorry for him for my previous love towards his brother.

At the thought of Erwin, tears welled up in my eyes.

"Silly girl, I'm not blaming you. On the contrary, my whole family and I will thank you for the trouble you have brought to us."

As he spoke, he put a hand on my belly and gently stroked it.

I still looked at her in confusion. "You want to thank me for making trouble?"

Rogelio nodded and said, "Yes! Because in this troublesome year, this is the only happy thing for the Luo family."

"Is it a trouble or a happy thing?" The more I heard, the more confused I became. And I didn't know what I had done.

Seeing the puzzled look on my face, Rogelio bent over and kissed gently on my belly. "My son, it seems that your mother doesn't know that you have secretly lived in her belly."

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