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   Chapter 278 A Lie

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I didn't want to get Erwin involved, in case he was in danger. So I chose to continue to lie. "I don't know if there's anyone else. I only know that when I went there, there was nobody except me."

However, it didn't seem that Robbie was suspecting me. Instead, he continued to ask, "So I can understand that you are the only witness who has saw that someone hurt Rosie?"

I answered vaguely, "I don't know. Maybe."

Robbie nodded his head slightly, "At least you are the witness. I need you to do me a favor."

"What's it?"

"I need you to ask Jim to meet you. You are the witness. If you ask him out, he should be there and won't lie to you when he is sober."

Although I was going to look for Jim now, I just wanted to warn him not to talk nonsense to others and damage the reputation of Rosie, but I didn't fully understand what Robbie wanted to say. "What do you mean?"

Robbie put his hand into the pocket of the clothes, took out a pen from the pocket and handed it to me. "Take this."

Instead of taking it over at once, I asked Robbie, "Why did you give me a pen?"

Robbie pressed a few buttons on the pen and said to me, "This is a recorder pen. You take it with you."

As soon as Robbie finished his words, he pressed two more times on the recorder, and the words he had just said came out from it.

"It's very simple. This is to turn on, this button is to start recording, and this button is to stop."

As Robbie spoke, he handed the pen to me again. But I still felt strange and took the recording pen. "Why did you give me this?"

"Although you are the only witness, you can't do anything to that guy just by your one-sided statement. I hope you can try to make an appointment with him, and then try to make him tell you the truth that he offended Rosie, and then bring this recorder pen back to me."

"Why did you do that? It feels like collecting evidence. Do you want to send Jim to prison? If so,

ll change. I must live a few more days as a queen, won't I?"

The corners of Xenia's mouth lifted dramatically, but she added, "Besides, Vann has been very busy recently. He often goes out early and comes back late. Even if we want to get married, we have to wait until he finishes his work."

"He is busy? Was he still busy these days? Did he go back to the police station? "

"He must be back. I saw him in police uniform several times when he went out, but it was strange. He seldom wore uniform in the past, and now I can see him worn uniform occasionally. Jasmine, let me tell you, when Vann wears uniform, he really charms me."

I continued to ask, "Then have you heard that Vann talked about Frank? Have he mentioned why Lego is closed? "

With a frown and a look of memorizing, Xenia shook her head in the end. "Vann has never mentioned this before. He has a lot of nonsense, but he never talks about this kind of topic. I also tried to get his words out of curiosity, but he is smart. My little trick is not good on him."

In fact, according to my understanding of Vann, if there were any inside information about the matter at that time, he would certainly not treat his work as a topic of conversation after dinner like other people because of his professional nature.

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