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   Chapter 257 My Decision

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I raised my head to look at him in surprise. I even doubted if I had misheard. "Arrange me to work in the company?"

Rogelio nodded firmly. "Yes, father has said that you are qualified."

I thought my mind was in a mess at that time, and I even doubted that it was Rogelio who was not sober today. "It's the first time for Dad to see me. He may not know me. I have never experienced anything in the company. How can I know how to run a company? Besides, have you forgotten? I'm just an actress, and there's a movie shooting after the New Year. I..."

"It doesn't matter!"

Before I could finish my words, I was interrupted by Rogelio.

I looked at Rogelio in a daze, and from his eyes, I saw his determination.

"Dad has always been a good judge of people, and he is not a casual person. Since he said it, it must be what he wants to see. I don't want to go against his will. Moreover, I don't want you to always show up in public. After you arrive at the company, I can see you every day."


ulder and said, "I'll go first."

Rogelio's hand slipped from my shoulder and he held my hand. He gently held it and said, "I know I'm not in a good condition. I hope you don't think too much. After all, you are the most important person in my heart."

I smiled at him to comfort him. He nodded with relief and walked out of the bedroom.

I walked to the bedside and sat down slowly. This year, I felt very bad. I had thought it was just because I couldn't handle the relationship with my mother-in-law well that I became like this, but later I really realized that the intuition of women that had been ignored by me for a long time begun to sprout at that time.

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