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   Chapter 254 A Life-saving Straw

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"What do you think? Do you like this daughter-in-law?"

Nancy's voice suddenly sounded behind Raymond and me.

Raymond and I turned around at the same time. There was no special expression on Raymond's face. He looked very calm and said, "The person you are willing to accept is naturally good."

"It's useless for me to accept it or not. Now in this family, who else will listen to me?"

Squinting at me, Nancy walked past me. I stepped back subconsciously to make way for her.

"Dad, mom, you can talk with each other. I'm going back to my room."

Raymond nodded slightly. Glancing at him, Nancy was eager for me to leave her sight as soon as possible.

Somehow, I felt a little tired, so I chose to go back to my room to have a rest.

I didn't know how long I had slept. When I woke up, it was already dark.

Looking at the time, I realized that it was already past the usual dinner time.

I got up and walked out of the room. The usually b

alked to her gently and put the magazine on the tea table in front of her.


"I told you to get out. Are you deaf?"

"Mom, health is the most important thing. No matter how uncomfortable you are, you can't get angry."

Frowning, Nancy stared at me in disgust. "You are so happy now, aren't you? Raymond has just come back, but he is obsessed with you!"

I had heard the gossip of me from Nancy, so I knew in my heart that what she said was not out of anger. She meant it.

I took a deep breath and tried my best not to think about her nonsense.

"Mom, I know you are in a bad mood. Let's go upstairs and have a rest."

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