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   Chapter 252 A Sense Of Loss

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I looked at Rogelio sadly. I saw his efforts. In my opinion, most of his energy was spent on work, and daily life was only a small part of him.

Although Rogelio was very kind to me now, he also brought me to his work and did not delay the company's affairs.

I could only comfort him, "Don't take dad's words seriously."

"You don't know his temper. He wouldn't have said that if he hadn't doubted my ability."

There was an undisguised impatience in his tone, but I didn't know how to comfort him.

"Forget it. It's useless to talk about it with you." Rogelio frowned again and looked away.

The sense of guilt and helplessness that couldn't give any help made me don't know how to talk with him now.

I suddenly received a message. I picked up the phone from the bedside, but Rogelio was still indifferent to everything around him.

After a short hesitation, I finally chose to leave the room quiet for him.

I closed the door gently and walked out. I inadvertently clenched my fingers and remembered that I haven't read any information.

When I turned on her phone, I found that there were many unread messages, most of which were sent by the staff who knew my phone number.

But there was a text message that reminded me of something I had almost forgotten.

"Are you okay? Happy New Year!"

Looking through it casually, I found that his remark name on my phone was still "hooligan". It seemed that the man who suddenly appeared in my life, Erwin, had disappeared for a long time.

The memory he left to me was not related to happiness, and I even felt that he was very annoying at that time. But at this moment, the feeling at that time was no longer there.

"I'm fine. Happy New Year!"

I replied to his message, but it was like a stone sank into the sea and didn't receive any reply from Erwin.

But this feeling was good. It was as light as water and as quiet as silk.

"Happy new year, si

an my father? I've just greeted him. Anyway, he doesn't want to talk to me anymore and I don't want to listen to him. It's good that I don't spend more time with him."

"But where are you going at this time?"

Rosie smiled mysteriously, approached me and whispered in my ear with a little relief, "You should have guessed that. I'm going to find him. In the new year, I want him to see that my persistence in him will not change."

Rosie patted me on the shoulder again. "Don't forget to remind my brother. He promised me to help me on this matter. He hasn't taken any practical action for so many days. I know you are preparing for the wedding, so I'm not in a hurry to urge him. But don't just care about your own happiness, right?"

I shook my head helplessly. "Okay, I know. I will remind Rogelio when he comes back."

Rosie smiled. She turned the car key around and walked towards her car in high heels.

The three of them seemed to have reached an agreement and left one after another. Although I had been used to staying alone, their absence still made me feel a sense of loss in such a day.

I didn't want to go back to my room. I wanted to take a walk in the garden alone.

But I saw Raymond in white sportswear walking towards me on purpose with steady steps.

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