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   Chapter 249 The First Collision

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Raymond continued, "The fourteenth of next month is Valentine's day. It's a good day. You don't have any objection, do you?"

I looked at Raymond, and then looked into the eyes of Nancy, "it's up to dad and mom. I have no objection."

Raymond nodded, "Where is Rosie? Why hasn't she come out yet?"

Maria replied, "She drank a little too much last night and slept late. She hasn't woken up yet."

"Humph! She is old enough but is still an idler at home. She's studied design abroad for so many years. In the end, she's just eating, drinking and playing every day but not do anything serious."

Nancy said unhappily, "Who said that Rosie only knows how to eat, drink and play? She already hold a fashion show after coming back."

Raymond snorted again, "If it weren't for Robbie's arrangement, the only thing that would make her outstanding was the one that Jasmine wore, wouldn't it? I heard that Jasmine helped to modify that work, otherwise the reflection would be even worse. "

Nancy argued for Rosie, "Why do you think your child is worthless? What's wrong with Rosie? Besides, how can you blame her? If you are not satisfied with my education, why don't you come back and do your duty as a father? "

Raymond also shouted, "Every time did you not say for them when I want to educate each of them? If you hadn't shielded them, would they be as useless as they are now?"

"Ha, useless? They two are here today. You say how can you see they are useless? Did anyone else say that my sons were not outstanding?"

Raymond shook his head with a bit of contempt. He pointed at Rogelio beside him and said, "When Rogelio runs the company, although you can see that it is profitable on the account, but actually it is because of the base of Ivey. He is lack of creation and development potential."

Raymond turned to look at Rogelio and continued, "Besides, he has been working on the acquisition project for a few months. The com

cy, the atmosphere at the moment and my worry for Rogelio really made me have no appetite to eat anymore.

"Mrs. Jasmine, Mr. Raymond asked you to go to his study."

I was stunned and didn't understand why Raymond wanted to see me alone.

It seemed that Nancy didn't expect that. She looked up at me with knitted eyebrows and sharp eyes. At that moment, I felt some uncomfortable.

Nancy asked coldly, "Did Raymond say what he wanted to see her for?"

The servant shook his head, "Mr. Raymond didn't say."

Nancy was dissatisfied with the answer. She glanced at me and said unhappily, "Although he wants to see you, then just go. Why are you still standing there? Why are you looking at me? "

"Okay, mom."

I sighed in my heart and followed the servant into the study of Raymond.

The servant sent me in, but he didn't follow me in. He gently closed the door of the study.

Raymond paced in the study and looked at everything in the room.

"Dad, are you looking for me?"

Raymond didn't look back. He sighed, "The furnishings here are still the same as before. Everything hasn't changed at all."

Because I didn't know how to talk about the topic of Raymond, I chose to be silent.

"No matter how these old things unchanged, few people can keep unchanged from time."

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