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   Chapter 246 His Gift

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I followed his gaze and saw a man in a grey windbreaker and a hat in the living room downstairs, with a small suitcase at his hand. He stood there and did not sit down.

I thought this person should be Raymond.

Standing in front of Raymond, Nancy was talking with him.

I couldn't see Raymond's face through the brim of his hat. I could only see that his back was straight. Even from my current angle, I could feel the aura from him.

In the end, I chose to listen to Robbie's advice. I went back to my room and changed into the home clothes I designed.

When I came out again, I saw that Robbie was still standing at the handrail in front of my room. He looked down casually and occasionally put the cigarette between his fingers to his lips and took a puff at his cigarette

Hearing the sound of door opening, Robbie looked towards me and glanced at me faintly. He didn't make any comments, but exhaled a mouthful of smoke and said, "Let's go to save my mother."

At that time, I didn't understand why he wanted to save Nancy. At that moment, it was Raymond who had been blamed.

I followed him downstairs.

At this moment, Rogelio was standing not far away from his parents. He sometimes frowned and showed a helpless expression.

With his back to me, Raymond was not as tall as Robbie, but he was not short. He should be about 1.75 meters in height.

His body did not grow fat with his age, but his back made people feel that he should be a very energetic person.

"You still remember to come back? What happened? That bitch can't seduce you anymore? Do you still love me and your three children?"

Tears were welling up in her eyes, but her expression and words showed great anger.

"I have worked hard to support this family for you, but you have lived a free and easy life outside. Tell me, how long haven't you been back..."

Nancy kept blaming him,

you see that Robbie is helping you? Don't you remember that dad just came back last time and left that day because of your complaint?"

Nancy's eyes softened a little, but she still said stubbornly, "What? He did something wrong. Can't I say anything? Whether he wants to leave or not, I will live the same life without him."

Robbie said, "My father's returning home is the gift I have said to you yesterday. It's the best if you like it. If you don't like it, you can deal with it yourself."

With one hand in his pocket, Robbie took out the cigarette case and lit it while walking out of the door.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Robbie, Nancy complained to Rogelio, "Look at your brother. He is also my child. Why is he so inferior to you? Look at his attitude. He has been acting like this all day long."

"Mom, I think Robbie is the most thoughtful person. He must have done a lot of work for you to get Dad back home. You don't appreciate it, and you still blame him for these details. In my opinion, you should think about how to keep Dad at home now. You can't keep complaining like this."

"Who cares if he stays?" said Nancy indifferently.

But the next second, she went upstairs with some embarrassment to Raymond's room.

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