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   Chapter 245 To Whom Did You Give Your Virginity

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Robbie slowly put down his glass. I began to doubt my eyes. Robbie smiled at me again.

"How are you doing? My brother must be very nice to you. I can see that. Mom is the only one who will make you feel headache, right?"

I pursed my lips and said, "It's okay. She just wants a grandson. Nothing else."

Robbie swirled the glass with his fingers and nodded slightly. "That's good. If you encounter any trouble, you can tell me and I can see if I can help you."

It was not common for the two of us to have a calm conversation, but I was indeed very nervous deep inside.

"Well, how are you and Michelle doing?"

Hearing that, Robbie's hand paused and his eyes seemed to be somewhat vacant. "Very good."

Unconsciously, I clenched my trousers. "Are you not taking her here because you don't know how to tell your family? Is there anything I can do for you? If there is, I'm willing to help."

Hearing that, Robbie picked up the glass again and took a sip of the wine. Then he said to me, "As long as you and Rogelio get along well and have a stable relationship, and my mother likes you, it will be the greatest help for me."

I knew what he meant. Looking at the man in front of me who still mad me feel a little emotional, his words made me have mixed feelings.

"I will try my best and find an opportunity to let them accept Amy," I said.

"You don't need to worry about Amy and say anything to my mum. Just be yourself."

I didn't say anything when I realized his attitude to me was not so kind.

"What are you talking about?" Rogelio came back to us and put his hand on my shoulder.

I raised my head and looked at Rogelio who was standing beside me. "Nothing. I just chatted casually. How is Rosie? Is she asleep?"

"People who don't have anything on their minds usually fall asleep as soon as they touch the pillow."

Taking a look at the bottomed glass of wine, Rogelio said, "Jasmine has been busy all day long. I don't want her to be too tire

ily for more than a year.

In my mind, I always think that he wouldn't go home.

Seeing that I wouldn't get everything ready in a short time, Rogelio said to me, "You go downstairs as soon as possible. I'll go out to have a look."

I nodded and Rogelio walked out of the room in a hurry.

I didn't dare to delay for too long. I quickly changed my own clothes, simply freshened up and walked out of the room.

As soon as I walked out of the room, I saw that Robbie was also walking out of the room. He didn't go out in pajamas as Rogelio did. Instead, he came out in leather shoes and trousers and a white shirt.

"Good morning!" I said.

"Although your clothes are decent and good-looking, it will give others an impression that you are a little restrained. It's no use to wear such formal clothes at home. I think the home clothes in your Clouds series should be good. I think my father may like it more."

I looked down at my own clothes. Although I believed what he said was right, I was worried that it would take me too long to welcome him if I went back to change my clothes.

It seemed that Robbie knew what was on my mind all of a sudden. He looked downstairs casually and said, "Don't worry. We don't have the chance to say hello to my father before our mother quarrels with him for an hour."

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