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   Chapter 244 Who Are You

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Turning to look at Rogelio, Robbie said, "Everyone says that we two look like each other very much. Then let's take the test of my sister-in-law. We can see if she can distinguish us with her eyes covered."

I looked at Robbie in a daze. I didn't expect him to propose such a test.

However, Rogelio smiled, with a hint of smile in his eyes. "This question is more interesting than theirs. I'm also curious if Jasmine can tell us apart with her eyes covered."

Even Xenia and Rosie, who were standing beside, showed a trace of excitement. Rosie even quickly ordered someone to find something to cover my eyes.

There was a very short eye contact between Robbie and me, and then he avoided my eyes.

Soon, someone came with a black strip of cloth.

At the same time, Robbie and Rogelio stood on both sides of my body, and my eyes were covered by the cloth.

For a moment, there was only darkness in front of me.

Rosie and Xenia checked again and again whether I could see them or not. Then they began to hold me with their hands and let me walk in circles. When I stopped, I couldn't tell where I was.

Rosie's voice sounded in my ear, "Sister in law, you can start now. Don't make a mistake, or my brother will be jealous. Ha-ha, I didn't expect my second elder brother to give you such an interesting question."

There was a hint of excitement in Rosie's voice. I only heard a sentence from Xenia, "You guys are so bad."

The darkness made me feel a little uncomfortable and at a loss.

"Sister in law, one of my brothers is on your left, and the other is on your right. You can touch them with your hand. But you have to distinguish carefully, or you will be punished."

Xenia asked, "Punishment? What punishment? You haven't told us in advance."

Rosie chuckled. "Of course she will be punished by my brother. He won't let us see it."

I tried my best to get used to this feeling. I stood still and didn't move immediately. I took a light breath to feel the difference

to tell them at that time that their hands were different, but in the end, I chose to be silent.

The game went on. As long as Rosie and Xenia met each other, they would make things difficult for each other and played tricks on each other, while Robbie still drank.

As for Rogelio, he seldom made things difficult for others.

After playing for a while, Rosie and Xenia couldn't help drinking and playing crazily.

When they drank too much, the two of them got along with each other well, hugging, singing and dancing.

It was not until three or four o'clock in the middle of the night that the two of them were tired and they chatted with each other with their eyes closed. The atmosphere fell silent.

Seeing that Xenia began to talk nonsense, Vann said, "It's getting late. I think I'd better send her back to her room and let Rosie have a rest."

Vann stood up and helped Xenia back to her room.

Noticing that Robbie hadn't finished drinking, Rogelio said to me, "I'll send Rosie back to her room first. Wait for me here for a while and accompany Robbie. I'll come back as soon as I send her back."

I nodded to him. Rogelio patted me on the shoulder and put Rosie's arms on his shoulder, caressing her back while carrying her to her room.

I watched them leave. When I turned around, I met Robbie's eyes.

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