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   Chapter 243 Sincere Words Or A risk

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I've only heard of this name, but I've never known the rules of the game. When Rosie mentioned it, I looked at Rogelio blankly.

Before Rogelio could say anything, Xenia said with interest, "This is nice, or we can play this. Anyway, I don't want to listen to you, and you also don't want to agree to any of my requirements."

It was rare for the two of them to reach an agreement. "Okay, let's play this!"

However, Robbie, who seldom took the initiative to speak, lowered his eyes and said coldly, "I won't participate."

Rosie begged, "Brother, don't do that. You're messing up the situation, aren't you? It's not fun if there are fewer people. "

I looked at Rogelio and asked, "what kind of game is it?"

Rogelio answered, "I don't know how other people play. I only know that usually, when Rosie play, she like to draw cards. If you draw a big ghost, you can decide whether the smallest one in the row is saying the sincere words or taking a risk."

As soon as Rogelio finished his words, Rosie couldn't wait to ask, "do you want to play or not?"

Robbie looked at me and said, "You'd better not play with them. They can ask anything."

After hearing what Robbie said, I wanted to quit. I don't want to get involved.

Rosie protested, "Brother, why are you doing this? If you don't play, why do you even ask her not join us? Do you think only the four of us can play?"

Rosie looked at Rogelio and said, "Rogelio, don't be so disappointing like him, okay?"

Rogelio nodded, "Okay, I'll play with you if you want."

Rosie smiled and showed me two rows of white teeth. "Sister-in-law, brother has already played with it. As the saying goes, the wife will follow the husband. Don't you really listen to Robbie?"

Rogelio encouraged me with a smile. I could see that he wants me to play with him.

But there was a little resistance in Robbie's eyes.

Before I could answer, Rosie made up her mind and said, "all right, sister-in-law is playing. Brother, don't act on your ow

ing, Xenia retorted, "humph, who believes it?"

Rosie admitted frankly in front of her two brothers, "believe it or not, my first night must be given to the man who makes me most moved. Now I have found this man. As long as Kim is willing to, I can give him my body at any time."

Instead of getting the pleasure of revenge, Xenia felt bored.

Then it's Robbie's turn again, he drank another glass of wine quietly.

When I saw the problem between Xenia and Rosie just now, I was so afraid that I might draw the smallest card.

But the more I was afraid of something, the more possible I drew, and the big ghost was in the hands of Robbie.

Holding the cards in his hand, Robbie slowly looked up at me, but he didn't say anything.

Rosie couldn't help but urge, "Brother, it's your turn. Why don't you say anything? Hurry up! "

Robbie said calmly, "I'm afraid it's not appropriate for a person like me who only drinks and doesn't participate in other things to ask a request."

"That's okay. Come on." said Xenia.

I looked at Robbie and wanted to see through what he was thinking, but I couldn't.

Finally, Robbie said, "Then let's take a risk."

Everyone had chosen the sincere words before, but it was the first time for them to choose the risk. They were curious about what kind of risk Robbie would choose.

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