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   Chapter 240 Clouds

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Rogelio stood up and said to everyone, "Jasmine and I have also prepared a gift for you, but this gift is not carefully prepared by me, but Jasmine."

Nancy cast a dubious look at me. "It's the first time that Jasmine celebrate the New Year in the Luo family. You still need to check on the gift."

I thought it might be because there was an outsider. Nancy was afraid that my gift would disgrace the Luo family.

In fact, I was also very nervous. I didn't know if they would like my gift.

However, Rogelio said to Nancy confidently, "This is the first work of a future designer. It must be a very precious gift to you."

The others were curious, but there was still undisguised disdain in Nancy's eyes. "What designer? It's you who flattered your wife."

Lully spoke for me, "Let's not make a conclusion too early. Let's wait and see. Anyway, it's the child's best wishes to us."

Rogelio nodded to a servant and the servant went downstairs to take the gift we prepared.

In fact, it was Rogelio's suggestion. He said it was a nice gift.

"It's so mysterious." Nancy waited for two minutes with a trace of impatience on her face.

"Sister in law, what have you prepared for us?"

"I promise you'll like it," said Rogelio with a smile.

Rosie's eyes lit up. "I'm more looking forward to it."

Finally, several servants came in with a long clothes rack, which was hung with a row of clothes.

Nancy frowned and asked, "What's this? Give us clothes?"

A trace of disgust appeared on Nancy's face.

After giving a hint to me, Rogelio walked to the back of Nancy and put his hands on her shoulders. "Mom, although it's indeed a clothes, it's very special."

"It's just clothes. It's no big deal."

Hearing what Nancy said, Xenia felt a little unfair for me, but it was not appropriate to say anything at such a time and occa

"I'll go!"

I also showed them the clothes I designed for the Qin family. The three of them all liked them very much. Rogelio asked someone to pack all the clothes for them so that they could take them home conveniently when they left.

The originally full clothes rack was left with only Robbie's clothes.

Rogelio came over in person and said to Robbie, "Jasmine has specially designed a clothes for you. He said that you had a lot of time in the nightclub now, so perhaps you couldn't have a good rest, so the clothes were mainly for the purpose of letting you become comfortable while wearing it. That's the reason why she didn't design a suit for you. She also said that she would design a suit for you when you get married."

Robbie stood up, looked at me and said lightly, "Thank you, sister-in-law."

I replied calmly, "It's my duty."

I thought that this meeting would stir up the things buried in my heart that I shouldn't have. But when I faced Robbie who was as alienated as a stranger, and since I had the habit of getting along with Rogelio, I found that I was not as suffering as before when facing Robbie.

Robbie put his hand into his pocket and said, "I also have a gift for you."

"A gift to me?"

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