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   Chapter 233 Being on Good Terms

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With her eyes wide open, Xenia repeated, "A wedding ceremony? A grandson? Ha-ha, it's natural for you to hold a wedding ceremony, but it's too urgent to have a grandson!"

Looking me up and down, Xenia said to Rosie, "Jasmine is too young now, and her career is on the rise. She only has a representative work. As the saying goes, it's a good time to strike while the iron is hot. If she gives birth to a child at this time, she will really have to be a housewife in the future."

Rosie pouted. "It's not good to be a housewife of an ordinary family. But this is the Luo family. Look at my mother. What's wrong with it? Although I'm not married, I don't work. In the future, my life will be like Jasmine's. I'll have dinner with my friends, go shopping and travel. Besides, even if she has a child, there are so many servants at home. If my sister-in-law doesn't want to take care of the child, she won't be tired. There are many people who can take care of her child."

Xenia snorted and said, "So you also want Jasmine to have a baby and stay at home? I thought you would be different from them. Why are you so conservative?"

Rosie said, "My mother is looking forward to her grandson very much, and we all hope that there will be one more member in the family, so that the family can be more lively, and with a child, Jasmine's position in the family can be more stable."

Pursing her lips, Xenia said, "Your mother? Humph! Last time I saw her, she really made me speechless. She also said that she didn't want Jasmine to enter the house. But Jasmine had already entered the Luo family, and now she asked Jasmine to give birth to a grandson for her. Why? If Jasmine didn't have a grandson, would she still kick him out?"

"Anyway, that's my mother. If you say something bad about my mother in front of me again, we won't even be friends."

A trace of indifference flashed across Xenia's face. When she was about to say something, I interrupted, "You two stop talking. Let nature take its course. If I really have a child, I

aid to see his mother, but when I saw her, I found that his mother was very easy-going. My worry was completely unnecessary. Especially when she heard that I was working as your assistant, she talked a lot with me, talked a lot about you, and asked me to help you."

"How do you know the name of Vann's mother?" she asked.

"I have met his mother once. She is a nice person."

"Have you met her before? Why have you seen her before?"

I said casually, "Maybe it's a coincidence."

Without asking any more questions, Xenia was still immersed in her own happiness. "I didn't expect that Vann would take me to see my parents so soon."

"It seems that he really loves you. I didn't expect your relationship to develop so fast."

With a relieved smile, Xenia said, "Jasmine, I'm really happy. I fell in love with Dylan for a long time before, but he never wanted to take me to see his parents. I think that Vann is very filial to his mother. I think if he is willing to take me to see his mother, he loves me not just for fun."

"Of course, he is not that kind of person."

Xenia smiled with relief.

"By the way... What was he doing now? Is he still working in the nightclub?"

Shaking her head happily, Xenia replied, "No. he went back to the police station after the accident last time."

I frowned and asked curiously, "He goes back?"

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