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   Chapter 230 Change

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Reluctantly, he put my head on the pillow and stood up to put on his clothes.

"You must be very tired last night. Don't go to the company with me today. Have a good rest at home. If you can't stay at home, you can go to see Rosie or your friends. But don't go out too long. If I can't see you when I come back, I will miss you."

Seeing that Rogelio went into the bathroom, I got up and quickly dressed myself and went to brush my teeth and wash my face.

"Why don't you have more rest?"

"Didn't you leave after breakfast? I'll have breakfast with you."

In fact, I didn't tell the truth completely. I was afraid that if I didn't go downstairs, Nancy would blame me.

"You are so kind. If you don't stay with me, I will have no appetite."

After washing up, Rogelio took my hand and went downstairs. I didn't know if it was my illusion, but I always felt that everyone in the Luo family looked at me strangely.

It was not that unfriendly look, but I didn't know what their expressions meant. Some people who didn't pay much attention to me would politely nod and smile when they saw me.

I felt strange. When I walked into the dining room with Rogelio, Rosie also sat at the table. When she saw me, she lowered her head and smiled weirdly.

Even Nancy looked different from usual. Although there was still no love for me in her eyes, her attitude seemed to be different.

Unexpectedly, Nancy took the initiative to say to me, "Sit down and have breakfast. Maria, I have asked you to bring the soup for her."

The first thing I thought of was the terrible soup I drank yesterday morning. Sure enough, Maria brought me the black bowl again.

But in addition to the bowl of medicine, there was also a bowl of soup.

"This is chicken soup. I asked Maria to put ginseng and wolfberry in it. They have been cooked at three o'clock in the morning. Drink it now."

Nancy asked someone to make chicken soup for me!

I knew in my heart that she was not for me

ome back!"

Before leaving, Rogelio turned around and smiled at Mike. Then he stared at me and said, "Why are all the women in my family so cute?"

"Please go. Why are you so talkative?" urged Nancy.

As soon as he left, Rosie looked at me and said to Nancy, "Mom, brother doesn't want to leave sister in law. Can't you see that? In my opinion, from now on, your eldest son will go out late and come back early every day. You will be satisfied. How about my sister-in-law?"

Nancy glared at her again, "Why aren't you like your brother? Look at you. You always make me angry."

After Rogelio left, of course, Nancy didn't want to continue. She went upstairs first.

Seeing that Nancy had left, Rosie looked at me with two arms on the table and snickered again.

"I didn't expect that you are so powerful!"

"What do you mean?"

Rosie pursed her lips into a smile and squinted at me. "Don't play dumb with me. Everyone at home knew that you and my brother had sex last night."

My face turned red all of a sudden.

"Didn't you drink too much yesterday? You said it as if you saw it."

Rosie smiled awkwardly. "Of course I didn't see you two having sex. But this morning, all the servants were quietly talking about what happened last night. I heard that your voice was a little loud last night."

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