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   Chapter 222 A Wife's Duty

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Nancy sat on the main seat, and Rogelio took me to sit beside Nancy.

"I know the place you went to. The environment and living condition there are so bad. You have lost a lot of weight in just two days. I'll cook some delicious food for you."

Rogelio touched his face and said, "Mom, it's not as exaggerated as you said. I thought I gained weight because Jasmine took care of me these two days."

Nancy glanced at me when he looked at me. I saw the dissatisfaction in her eyes clearly.

However, Nancy was so calm that she didn't show it in front of Rogelio.

At the table, Nancy didn't say anything. The three of us looked harmonious and natural.

After dinner, Nancy said to Rogelio, "It's a long journey. I've asked Maria o prepare the hot water for you. You go to take a shower first."

The first reaction of him was to look at me.

"I asked you to take a shower. Why do you look at your wife? Should you ask for permission from her? Or are you afraid that she will just disappear in our house?"

"That's not true," said Rogelio in a hurry.

Taking a look at me, Rogelio encouraged me with a smile, "I'm going to take a shower first. You go upstairs to take a shower and go to bed early."

I nodded to Rogelio.

Rogelio stood up and left.

It was not until Rogelio went far that Nancy's eyes fell on me again.

Without the presence of Rogelio, the smile on her face completely disappeared. Her calm face was no different from the time when she faced me alone before.

"I didn't talk to you when you were sick. Now that you and Rogelio have come to this intimate relationship, I have something to say."

Raising her chin, Nancy looked at me with disdain, "I didn't expect you to be so scheming. I didn't expect that you didn't divorce Rogelio, and now you exposed your marriage in front of the media in perso

bligation to carry on the family line. It's your duty to have children, understand?"

I had never thought about this question. I felt a little embarrassed when she said it so frankly.

I nodded slightly.

With a sigh, Nancy looked at me. Although she still didn't like me, it was the first time that she said to me in a somewhat admonishing tone, "If you want to stay in the Luo family, the child is your foundation, just like me. Although my husband doesn't go home because of his affairs, my position in the Luo family has never changed."

I nodded again. "Okay, I know."

Rubbing her temples, Nancy said, "I'm tired after talking to you. I'm going upstairs to have a rest. You can go back to your room."

Nancy stood up, and so did I.

I watched her leave and then went upstairs.

When I opened the door, I saw that the light in my room was on, and Rogelio was lying on my bed in pajamas with one hand supporting his head.

Seeing me, he smiled. "What did mom say to you?"

"You know Mom wants to talk to me?"

"How long have you known my mom and how long have I known her? How can I not know what she wants to do?"

Then he sat up and looked at me. "What did she say to you? Did she embarrass you?"

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