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   Chapter 221 The Meaning Of Travel

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After breakfast, the two of us followed Tyrone and other leaders of the village to the school site.

When we arrived, all preparations had already been ready. There was a long row of tables, covered with red flannel, on which two microphones were placed in the chair.

There were many chairs neatly placed under the stage.

Because the number of chairs was limited, many villagers who heard the news were standing not far behind the chairs, looking quite orderly.

I asked in a low voice, "Why are there so many people?"

"There are leaders of the city, reporters, and you, a big star. So there must be many villagers coming to attend the ceremony."

"I'm not a big star. I just have one representative work. Only a few people know me. Don't laugh at me."

"In this world, it is enough for me to know you."

As he spoke, he bent his arm slightly and I put my hand on his arm.

At this time, more than ten cars came one after another. Tyrone introduced all the leaders to us.

The reporters began to take photos when the leaders got off the car.

We had been arranged to sit according to our identity.

As far as I could remember, the ceremony took a long time, for more than a dozen leaders gave their respective statements. Rogelio and I also made speeches.

Rogelio and I just simply expressed our wish to have more children to go to school, and he clearly stated that this was just the beginning. In the following days, he would donate more schools.

I also asked for Rogelio's opinion. I wanted to use all my advertisements fees in the Ivey as the tuition for children in mountainous areas.

Rogelio agreed. He also said that I didn't need money because he would support me.

I couldn't help but smile at him. "Why didn't I see that your mouth is so sweet before?"

"Really? Really? I mean it."

With the consent of Rogelio, I said in publi

ticed me. The smile in her eyes disappeared.

She took a deep breath and gently pushed Rogelio away. She glanced at me without leaving any trace and said, "Don't say that you won't make me worry. I like to worry about my own son."

Nancy threw the laptop on the sofa, stood up and pulled up Rogelio. "You haven't eaten yet, have you? Let's go to eat."

Standing up, Rogelio didn't follow her immediately. Instead, he looked back at me and reached out her hand. "Honey, come here."

Looking askance at me, Nancy was unhappy to see that Rogelio took my hand.

I didn't know if Rogelio had noticed the atmosphere between me and Nancy, but he was holding my hand and holding Nancy's hand.

He said to the two of us, "It's my honor to hold the two most important women in my life. Let me hold your hands every day, eat together and do a lot of things together, okay?"

Nancy paused for a few seconds, sighed helplessly, drew a long ending and said, "Okay."

Rogelio hugged Nancy. He rubbed her shoulder and said, "Mom, you are so kind."

"Don't say that, okay? You are my son. As a mother, I can't say no to your decision."

There were many steaming dishes on the table.

"Why did you prepare so many delicious food?" asked Rogelio.

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