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   Chapter 220 I'm Your Medicine

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I cast a reproachful glance at Rogelio and said, "Don't say about death. If something really happens to you because of me, do you want me to feel guilty for a lifetime?"

Rogelio and I walked down the mountain carefully step by step. In fact, the two of us looked a little embarrassed.

Rogelio also raised his hand to help me remove a few weeds on my clothes. "Jasmine, although I don't know what else you have to worry about, or perhaps you are worried about me, I still hope you can understand that I want to be your husband. Even after marriage, I will give you those you haven't experienced and love you with all my heart and soul. Women should enjoy romance, and I am willing to give you all."

Rogelio stopped and looked at me seriously, with expectations in his eyes.

The scene that Rogelio risked his life to save me was still vivid in my mind.

What Robbie said to me, what Xenia said to me, the marriage certificate between me and Rogelio, and the fact that I had some feelings for Rogelio, all made me hesitate.

Perhaps this was my fate. My secret was exposed to the public at the most inappropriate time.

Maybe the God had already linked Rogelio with me, and Robbie and I were destined to have no result in love.

I would never change the fact that Robbie didn't love me.

After all, I couldn't be free from vulgarity. I was an ordinary person who submitted to reality. In the struggle and hesitation, I wanted to take a step forward and have a happy family.

I asked Rogelio, "Can you promise that you will treat me well and won't bully me? Can you promise that you won't leave me alone one day like my father or your father?"

Hearing that, Rogelio smiled. He rubbed my nose with his index finger and said, "Silly girl, I love you too much. How can I be willing to leave you? I will stick to you for the rest of my life. Unless you abandon me, I will never leave you."

Vows, always with its beautiful veil, conquered many people's hearts.

I was tired

tally prepared to hold him. At last, I only gently clenched his collar.

The second morning, Rogelio woke up before me. I saw his eyes full of love for me, which was from the bottom of his heart.

Such a scene always made me feel warm unconsciously. I thought I had no reason to feel unhappy.

"Does your waist still hurt?" I asked him.

Rogelio moved a little and said, "I feel a little numb."

I sat up and said, "Which part of you hurts? Has your injury become serious?"

It took a while for him to move his arms freely. He looked at me with a smile and said, "My arms are numb."

I glanced at him and said, "I didn't expect you to be so naughty."

Patting his arms, Rogelio said, "Come on, lie down for a while with me. Now I understand why so many people like to stay in bed in the morning."

I took a look at my watch and said, "Well, if you can't move, I'll ask Tyrone to call the doctor. If you can still move, we should get ready. I'm afraid that the leaders of the city and the reporters will come soon."

Rogelio stretched himself and said, "I'm not afraid of their coming. I want many people to witness how happy I am now."

Finally, Rogelio sat up lazily. I asked again, "How do you feel?"

Rogelio nodded. "I've told you that you're my medicine. You can cure all kinds of diseases of me."

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