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   Chapter 219 It's Worth It To Die

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I didn't agree with the kindness that Rogelio said, because I knew I had resentment in my heart.

I knew I could do more, but I still chose to leave.

Pointing at a mountain not far away, Rogelio said to me, "Do you remember that I took you to climb the mountain at the Gu Estate? That place only the two of us know."

I tried my best not to think about the things of David's family, and I could feel that Rogelio was deliberately stopping me from thinking about them.

I nodded to him and said, "Of course I remember."

"I often think of that time and finally understand why I wanted to take you there for no reason. I wanted you to listen to what I said. You were the angel I was looking for."

"Honey, I want to take you to climb the mountain and experience the feeling of that time again."

I didn't refuse. I just wanted to take a walk.

Rogelio took me to the mountain not far away.

In fact, a path could be seen at the foot of the mountain, but Rogelio refused to take that path and chose a path that no one had walked through.

There were weeds and many dry branches on the road, which made I feel difficult to walk.

Rogelio led the way, deliberately stepping on the weeds and branches that made the road difficult to walk.

I followed Rogelio, and it wouldn't be so difficult for me to walk now.

I looked at the back of him, and this scene reminded me of Robbie. It reminded me of the night when Robbie took me out of the Gu Estate. He also walked in front of me through the thick forest.

Although I was with Rogelio now, I always thought of Robbie.

I hate myself for not being able to live up to my expectations and feeling guilty to such a good person, Rogelio.

I was in a trance for a moment, so I didn't notice the road under my feet. Suddenly, I was stirred by something, and my feet became unstable. I wanted to adjust my balance as soon as possible, but my feet slipp

love test", I was relieved to see that he was fine.

I breathed a long sigh of relief and sat down in front of the hillside beside him.

"Don't play like this anymore, okay?"

Rogelio supported his head with one arm and said, "Be careful when you walk in the future. If you walk like this, I won't dare to take you to climb the mountain again."

I raised my hand and removed the weeds from his hair. Then I dusted him gently.

"The ground is cold. Get up."

The moment he stood up, he frowned and hissed.

"What's wrong? Did you get hurt?"

Rogelio put his hands on his waist and comforted me with a smile, "I just hit my waist. It really hurts."

I went to help Rogelio stand up from the ground, and his arm was on my shoulder. The satisfied smile on his face didn't disappear.

"Don't lie to me anymore!"

"Except what happened just now, I really didn't lie to you before." With one hand on his waist, he looked really painful.

Leaning against me, he asked, "What about you? Did you get hurt?"

I shook my head. "I'm fine. Thank you for what you did to protect my safety just now..."

With the other hand on my lips, he continued, "You don't need to thank me. I hope you can understand. For you, even death is worth it, let alone a small injury."

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