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   Chapter 218 Suspicion Rose Again

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I felt familiar at the first sight of the man in the photo.

The photo was in black and white. The man in it was a little thin and looked very young.

But when I looked at the man carefully, I suddenly felt a spasm. That terrible knife in my memory seemed to have stabbed into my belly again.

"This man is your husband?"

The woman nodded, "Yes, he is my husband."

To make sure that I didn't mistake him, I asked deliberately, "What's his name?"

The woman looked at the man in the photo happily and said, "David."

My heart was pounding heavily. I never thought that I would meet David's family in this remote place.

The man who almost killed me, the ferocious man who killed people without blinking his eyes, was actually the one in the photo! How could he have such a nice family?

At this moment, I have an indescribable emotion towards the woman and children in front of me. There was only a line between hatred and sympathy.

So far, I could still remember how David stabbed the knife into the ground. He said that his wife and daughter were buried under the ground, and his words were full of emotions when he asked me to sing the birthday song for his daughter at that time.

"What's wrong with you? Do you know my man?"

The woman looked at me and asked me when she saw that I in a daze without saying anything for a long time.

How could I say to this woman who was obsessed with her husband that her husband was a murderer and that her husband is in prison now? He was now waiting for the trial of the court.

I shook my head. "No, I don't know him."

The woman lowered her head and looked at her husband's photo again. "That's right. How could you know such an ordinary person?"

I looked at her daughter who was leaning against the bed and touched her head. "When is her birthday?"

"A few days ago. On the day of my daughter's birthday, David called me and said that he would come back with a lot of money. He said he will celebrate the New Year with us. He wouldn't leav

e would definitely be sentenced to death. What was the reason that he gave up the chance to survive?

I looked at Rogelio again. Thinking of that the woman and his had mentioned that the man who came to visit them was very similar to Rogelio, I couldn't help but think of Robbie.

Even people like me who often saw them felt that they were similar, not to mention people who had only met them once.

"What are you thinking about?" asked Rogelio.

"Nothing. I just don't understand what David did. According to his family's situation, why didn't he kidnap me for money?"

"Most likely, these people are psychopathic. Who knows what they are thinking about? I just didn't expect that the woman and the two children are his family members."

Rogelio shook his head and looked at me. "He almost killed you. I almost lost you. Why did you help his family?"

"I don't know. Maybe I feel sorry for his family. After all, the children are innocent."

"Now that you want to help, I'll call my secretary and ask her to send this woman to the hospital for treatment. I think the treatment of her illness might be delayed by poor conditions of her family. Her disease may not be a serious disease that can't be treated."

I smiled at him with relief. "Thank you."

Holding my hand, Rogelio said, "I'm lucky because you are really kind."

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