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   Chapter 216 A Different Robbie

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The spoon in Rogelio's hand paused for a moment, and he smiled and took another sip of porridge.

"This time I come here mainly for the Hope Primary School. Let's talk about this matter. We can talk about other things later."

Mr. Tyrone curled his lips and gave an unnatural smile. "Mr. Rogelio is right. How about I show you around today?"

Rogelio shook his head politely and said to Mr. Tyrone, "No, thanks. My wife and I can walk around by ourselves. I want to stay with her alone for a while."

Mr. Tyrone nodded in understanding. "That's good. You are usually very busy, and it's rare for you to come out. If you have any requirements, you can call us. I'll inform the villagers later. If you need anything, we can guarantee that you can go anywhere you want to get it."

Mr. Tyrone said and stood up. Soon I heard the broadcast in the village.

"Attention, everyone. Mr. Rogelio and his wife, Miss. Spring bud, who donated funds to build Hope Primary School, are now in our village. If they come to any house, please treat them as distinguished guests and receive them well. Attention, everyone! "

Mr. Tyrone played it two more times. Rogelio and I listened to it.

Rogelio couldn't help laugh, "I suddenly feel that I have become a celebrity. Spring bud! This name fits the occasion. Should I change my name? "

Seeing that Rogelio was making fun of me, I couldn't help but ask him, "What did Mr. Tyrone ask you to think about just now?"

After finishing the last mouthful of porridge in his bowl, Rogelio asked, "are you full?"

I nodded, "yes, I'm full."

Wiping the corner of his mouth, Rogelio stood up and grabbed my hand. "Let's go out for a walk, two of us."

I stood up with Rogelio and followed him out.

We two walked along the earth road in the village.

"There are a lot of local specialties in the village. They want me to help them deal with them."

Hearing that, I remembered that someone mentioned it at the table last night. But at that time,

always kept others away, but his heart was always so warm.

"In fact, I didn't mention the plan of Hope Primary School. It was one of the plans that I saw in the plan left by Robbie after I woke up. When I woke up and he returned the company to me, I wanted to help him complete it."

Rogelio looked at me and smiled. "In fact, many people are willing to fight against each other for family property, but Robbie is not that kind of person. Sometimes I often ask myself if he can do it, but I have never given myself a certain answer."

In front of me, Rogelio drew another side of Robbie.

"But sometimes I see you two get along with each other strangely."

"In fact, we have always been good friends." Rogelio couldn't help but sigh. "But today's unhappiness is my fault."

I looked at Rogelio, hoping that the mystery would be uncovered in front of me.

But at this time, a small hand suddenly grabbed my collar and called me in a very low voice, "Miss. Spring bud."

I lowered my head and saw a five or six year old girl with two thin braids looking up at me.

Her little face was dirty, and her clothes were polished with light because she hadn't washed them for a long time.

But her big eyes are still very pitiful. I squatted down to make it easier for her to look at me.

"Hello, are you calling me?"

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