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   Chapter 215 Simple Life

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"No!" My heart was pounding so fast that my palms were sweating.

Rogelio raised his eyes and narrowed them slightly.

I thought he was angry, but when he tensed up for a moment, he suddenly laughed. "Are you shy?"


"Your face is so red!" "Your face also very hot." His face was gently against my cheek.

The intimate behavior of him completely disrupted my breath.

He closed his eyes gently. There was still a smile on the corners of his mouth. He kissed me on the forehead again. "I know I must have scared you."

Finally, Rogelio left my body, but at the same time, he put an arm under my neck and put my head on his arm.

The other arm of Rogelio held me tightly in his arms.

"But we are a couple. If I love you, I can't help but want to do something that can only be done between couples."

The embrace of Rogelio was warm, just like him, making I feel comfortable.

There was no light smell of tobacco on him.

I knew I shouldn't think of that person, never.

I curled up in Rogelio's arms and didn't struggle in vain.

"I know you are not used to it. I know it may not make you feel good here."

Taking a deep breath, Rogelio said, "Well, maybe I should really wait until the wedding is over."

Hearing that, I was somewhat relieved.

But he still whispered in my ear, "Aren't you really worried that I will can hold back my desire towards you?"

What he said made me blush again.

"He only prepared one room for us. Do you want to sleep in separate rooms with me?"

With a slight smile, he raised his hand and pulled a pair of quilt to cover the two of us. "There is indeed no good atmosphere here. At least let me sleep with you in my arms like this."

It sounded like he was asking for my opinion, but his action didn't seem to ask for it at all. He held me in his arms peremp

er at eight o'clock in the morning. They also brought us some breakfast.

There were noodles, steamed buns, rice porridge and two pickles.

When the meal was brought to us, it was still steaming, but Tyrone was still a little embarrassed. "It's too simple. I hope you can forgive us."

"That's good. I'm sorry to trouble you."

"You are here to do something good."

Tyrone put our dishes on the table and sat aside to watch the two of us having breakfast.

"Would you like to have some with me?" Rogelio asked.

Tyrone waved his hand and said, "I have had my breakfast. Enjoy your meal."

While I was having breakfast with Rogelio, Tyrone smiled at us again. "Mr. Luo, the leader of the county said that they would attend the ceremony tomorrow. Besides, the mayor also said that he would come. The city has invited the media to report your good deeds this time."

While eating porridge, Rogelio said, "That's good. I happen to take my wife with me this time. I hope through this activity and Jasmine's influence, I can call on more people to join us in doing good deeds."

Tyrone nodded with a smile and asked, "Mr. Luo, have you considered our problem that we proposed at the dinner table yesterday?"

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