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   Chapter 209 You Must Lead A Happy Life

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I remembered that the whole process of the questioning and answering was almost done by Nancy. I only said one or two words.

And it was the most amiable and kind Nancy I had ever seen that day. She looked like an amiable elder.

Nancy said to the journalists who were waiting there with concern that I still needed to rest, so she couldn't answer questions for the time being. And she said that she thanked to their concern for me.

I was arranged to sit in the car. After getting in the car, Nancy took a long breath and said to Rosie with a smile, "Did I say anything wrong just now? Did I look nice in front of the camera just now?"

Rosie looked at me and said to Nancy, "Mom, the reporter is here to interview Jasmine. Why did you answer all the questions?"

"I'm just afraid that Jasmine will say something wrong. If she says something bad to your brother, or if there is any emotion in her words, it will have a bad impact on our family."

Nancy glanced at me and said, "Our Luo family doesn't lack money. You've only performed in one movie till now, but your rumors are spreading all day long. Since you're Rogelio's wife, I don't want to see any negative news about you anymore. Why don't you take this opportunity and stop shooting movies from now on?"

I didn't expect that she would help me make such a decision.

However, she seemed to have made up her mind. She looked ahead without looking at me.

"Auntie, I have another movie and I've agreed to act in it as the heroine. It's not appropriate to cancel it."

Nancy glared at me.

"Sister-in-law..." Rosie tried to remind me.

I looked at Nancy awkwardly. In the end, I didn't call her mom.

The car drove into the Luo family's villa, which I was quite familiar with.

But for me, I was no different from what I used to be. In the eyes of Nancy, I was an unwelcome girl.

The only difference was that now, Rogelio was a healthy man, and my state of mind was no longer as peaceful as before.

I was pushed in

a good husband. Give me a chance to love you and make up for the care and expectation I owe you in the past year."

Rogelio gently rubbed the back of my hand on his cheek. "When I know that you are my wife these days, you didn't know how much guilt and remorse I had. When I thought that you would look at me from afar, seeing your husband being with another woman, I wondered how sad you should be. But I didn't know about your feelings at that time at all."

"It's not your fault. You don't have to blame yourself."

Rogelio shook his head. "No, No. Rosie told me that you had been protecting me when I was in a coma. If it weren't for my mother, you wouldn't have left."

With a self-mocking and happy smile, Rogelio said, "No wonder I always feel that there was an angel in my dream. No wonder I always feel that your voice is so familiar. No wonder I didn't feel strange when I first saw you. It turns out that we are not strangers at all."

"Rogelio, but you were still in a coma when I married you. You don't know me well. Maybe one day you will find that I don't..."

Rogelio pressed his index finger gently on my lips. "There is no "maybe". I will be your husband and you will be my wife in this life. There will be no other women interfering with your happiness in the future. I believe that we will be happy."

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