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   Chapter 202 Rebel

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David smiled coldly at Erwin, he pointed at me and said, "This woman really made you a fool! Don't you know your situation now? Do you still think confidently that what else can you do to me in this state?"

I could feel that Erwin was trying to feel how tight the rope was tied.

I thought Erwin didn't realize that the rope was tied carefully by David.

At this moment, Erwin seemed to have realized this. He held my hand more tightly. I could feel that there was regret and comfort in it.

"No wonder you came to me and offered me this' good idea '. It turned out that you didn't mean to give my advice, but aimed at me, right? It seems that I got Jasmine into trouble. "

David snorted, "You are a smart man. You rarely find your flaws and are known for being difficult to deal with. But you are fooled by me because of such a woman easily. That's interesting. I didn't expect that Mr. Erwin would be fooled by me like a fool. That's really rare."

Instead of flustered, Erwin asked calmly, "I don't think there is any enmity between us. Do you deliberately target me for no reason? Who let you deal with me?"

David didn't want to answer his question, he said to Erwin with no expression, "You don't have to be the smart guy. At least I didn't treat you badly.

David pointed at me, "Don't you like this woman very much? I can ask her to go downstairs to accompany you. "

Erwin warned David, "Your target is me. Don't hurt her."

"Don't? Do you think you are still my boss? Do you think I should listen to you? What if I don't? "

There was a strong killing intent in Erwin's tone, which was even stronger than that of David. "You are courting death!"

David squeezed a few words out of his teeth, "Let's see who will die faster."

"Ah -


"Fuck you!" All of a sudden, Erwin jumped up from the ground.


Erwin hit his forehead hard on the bridge of David's nose.

David was caught off guard and fell backwards.

After resting on the ground for a while, he frowned and stood up with his hand on the bridge of his nose.

I was tied to Erwin and a little shorter than him. So he bent over and carried me on his back.

Erwin's breath was heavy, "It's your biggest mistake that you didn't tie my legs."

David wiped the blood from his nose and spat on the ground, with blood streak in his saliva.

"Do you think you can beat me with this situation?"

Erwin said, "Then let's have a try."

As David's feet moved slowly, Erwin bent over and carried me on his back, observing his every move.

All of a sudden, David bent down and kicked Erwin on the leg.

Erwin carried me and dodged backward quickly. He lifted his foot and kicked David on the shoulder, who also took a few steps back.

"Mr. Erwin, you are really good at fighting."

Erwin snorted, "You know my weakness. It seems that you are not an ordinary cleaner. In order to deal with me, you must have worked hard, right?"

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