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   Chapter 200 Your Trick Was Exposed

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Seeing that David went out, Erwin said in a relaxed tone, "Don't say I'm silly in front of others anymore, okay? I'm not stupid. I just don't want to show off my intelligence."

Thinking of the series of stupid things that Erwin had done just now, I couldn't accept that he was a clever man. Originally, I was the only one who was doomed to death, but now there was one more.

At this point, I really couldn't say anything nice. It was inevitable that there was a bit of complaint in my tone. "Don't tell me that you are smart. I thought you could really save me out. But I didn't expect that you are such a fool. There was only one dagger in the hand of David. You cut off your finger by using it. Why did you return it to him? If the dagger is in your hand, if you are not really stupid, maybe he is the one who is tied here now."

"Yes, you're right. Why didn't I think of it? It seems that you are not a silly woman!"

Even at this time, there was still no seriousness in his tone.

His attitude may be the reason why I was a little annoyed with him. I should have been frightened and spent every second in fear under the present situation, but I even felt that I was experiencing a farce now.

What else could I do except to accept my fate? At least he came here to save me.

I suppressed my emotions and asked him with concern, "Anyway, I'm sorry that you lost your finger and that you have to die with me now."

"It's not a big deal. You owe me this time. Remember to repay me in the next life, okay?"

"I don't want to have a next life."

"Don't say that. If you don't have a next life, I will die unjustly!"

Erwin touched me in the extremely limited space. "Hey, let me ask you a question. It's your reward for me. Anyway, I'm also a dying person now, and I won't say anything to others."

"What question?"

"What happened to Rogelio? What are the true and false wo

ll tell you, okay?"

Erwin finally couldn't pretend it anymore. He paused for two seconds and snorted. Then he said reluctantly, "David and I are not like you. We aren't professional actors. It's inevitable that there are so many loopholes in our 'performance'. But I didn't expect you to find out so soon. It's not funny. I had wanted to play a little longer."

The moment he admitted it, I couldn't stand it anymore. I angrily questioned him, "How boring are you, Erwin? Why did you do such a thing to me?"

"I just heard that your agent had found a new movie script for you. What's its name? I'm sorry that I didn't remember it. Anyway, I heard that it was a movie in which you would as a victim of a kidnapper, and the police rescued you after that. Although I don't know how to act, I know that if you really have your own experience like this, you can act in a more perfect way, right?"

I didn't believe him at all. "You are talking nonsense again."

"I didn't lie to you this time. Robbie just found this movie script for you. He hasn't told you yet. I tried my best to help you with the movie. Maybe you can win the award through your good performance in this movie!"

"How dare you say that! Even if it's true, I won't thank you. Let me go."

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