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   Chapter 195 An Insurmountable Barrier

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Ignoring me, Nancy walked into the room directly and looked around the house. "I didn't expect that Robbie would give this house to you. You are really a seductress..."

Xenia defended for me, "Isn't this house rented by Robbie to Jasmine?"

Nancy glanced at me with unfriendly eyes. Instead of answering Xenia, she raised her eyebrows and asked me, "Did Robbie say that to you?"

I looked at Rosie. Rosie immediately held Nancy's arms and said to her, "Mom, you asked me to take you to Jasmine. You promised me that you wouldn't make things difficult for Jasmine."

Nancy glared at her unhappily and said "Did I embarrass her? When did you see that I was making things difficult for her? Did I hit her or scold her?"

Rosie rolled her eyes and showed an apologized look to me. She touched Nancy's chest gently, trying to ease her mom's anger. Then she said, "Yes, it's my fault. You're not embarrassing her. Aren't you here to talk about something important? Say it now."

I made a gesture of welcome to Nancy and said, "Aunt, don't stand here. Please sit down and talk with me. I'll make tea for you."

Nancy walked to the sofa and dusted it. Then she clapped her hands back and forth as if her hands were stained with a lot of dust before sitting down reluctantly.

"There's no need to make tea. I don't think you have any good tea here."

I could feel that Xenia was trying to stand up for me again. I immediately pulled her and said, "Then please have a glass of water. Xenia, please help me get a glass of water for my aunt."

Xenia's lips moved slightly. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. She took a deep breath and helped to get the water.

"Aunt, what can I do for you?"

Nancy glared at me and said in a reproachful tone, "Are you pretending to be ignorant? Don't tell me that you didn't know such a big thing."

I lowered my eyes and said, "I'm sorry if I have brought any trouble to yo

ther flock together!"

Rosie looked a little embarrassed. She didn't expect that her mum would be like this.

When Xenia was about to speak again, Rosie winked at her and said, "Xenia, don't talk too much."

Xenia listened to Rosie's words and didn't say anything more, but she still rolled her eyes at Nancy.

Nancy continued to say to me, "In case you play dumb with me, I'll be frank with you. I won't allow you to enter the Luo Family. You'd better leave as soon as possible. Of course, if my son temporarily pursue you for fun, I can turn a blind eye to it. But I just want to remind you that when my son gets bored with you, he might abandon you as if you were a worn-out shoe, and there will only be a bad reputation left for you in the future. Don't blame me for not reminding you when you fall into that situation."

Xenia almost flew into rage. "Do you know how to speak human language at such an old age?"

Frowning, Rosie pulled her mother and asked, "Mom, what are you talking about?"

Nancy looked at Xenia and said, "Little girl, I've put up with you for a while. Jasmine haven't said anything yet. Why are you so anxious? I don't understand."

Looking at me, Xenia said, "Jasmine, say something to her. Tell her that you don't want to marry into the Luo Family..."

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