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   Chapter 194 My Heart Was In A Mess

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Taking a deep breath, Xenia looked at me seriously. "Jasmine, I have a few questions to ask you now. Can you answer me honestly?"

I nodded and said, "I know that lookers on see more than players. The reason why I tell you this secret is that I want you to help me tell me what I haven't seen clearly, because my heart is really in a mess now."

"Who asked you to be Rogelio's wife?"


"So you met Robbie first?"

I nodded to Xenia and said, "Yes."

"How did you feel when you first see him?"

I didn't know why Xenia asked me this question at that time. Fortunately, she didn't ask me how I knew him.

My thoughts were pulled back to that terrible night. When I woke up, the face of a stranger appeared in front of me.

"Panic, fear, shame..."

But when I thought that he promised my mother to give her money at the most critical moment, I couldn't help saying, "He is a good man, cold outside but warm inside. Although he looks indifferent, he makes people feel safe..."

"Why did you have so many feelings towards him when you first met him? Then why did you promise him to marry Rogelio?"

"Because of money, I didn't have any other choice at that time. I wanted to get money and I also wanted to stay away from my mother."

Then Xenia continued to ask, "How did you feel when you saw the unconscious Rogelio?"

"At the first sight, I felt that he looked like Robbie. At that time, Rogelio's skin was a little bit darker than Robbie and he was also thinner than him. I've read a thank-you letter from a remote school to Rogelio. He was very kind and funded a lot of poor students. In addition, I also saw the love letters Michelle wrote to him when he fell in love with her. I think their love is very beautiful."

"Then how did you feel when you left the Luo family and Rogelio?"

I recalled that time very carefully. Then I said to Xenia, "I felt sorry for him when he didn't wake up. I thought such a person shouldn't have such a tragic end and fate. When he finally woke up, I was very excited. At that time, I regarded him as my only family member,

art froze.

I was afraid, and I didn't want to accept what Xenia had said to me as the truth.

"Are you afraid because you know that you shouldn't fall in love with Robbie because of your identity? Actually, the reason why you don't want to refuse Rogelio is also because of your identity, and you feel that you also care about him in your heart. He woke up miraculously. So you don't want to hurt his feelings.

I know this answer is cruel, but you have to face it in the end. To be honest, in the current situation, you and Robbie will not have a result. Rogelio is a good choice for you. I know that love can't be forced, but whoever you choose to be with, someone will eventually be hurt."

I stood up numbly. "Xenia, I'm a little tired. I want to have a rest."

Looking at me with concern, Xenia said, "Go ahead."

But when I was about to go upstairs, the doorbell rang.

Xenia said nervously, "Who will come at this time? Is it Michelle's fan?"

She walked to the door, took a look at the surveillance camera and breathed a sigh of relief. "It's Rosie."

Then she opened the door and saw Carla. But she didn't say anything and took a step aside. Then, Mike appeared behind her.

Having never seen Nancy before, Xenia asked Rosie, "Who is she?"

What was supposed to come would eventually come. I walked to the door and respectfully greeted Nancy, calling her "Auntie."

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