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   Chapter 192 Unintentional Or Intentional

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The secretary answered Rogelio, "I've sent someone to check the details, but no news has been sent back yet."

Rogelio's hand holding the phone fell down slowly.

I think Rogelio must feel guilty like me.

And I was more willing to believe that the guilt in Rogelio's heart would be several times stronger than mine.

"You can go to see her."

There was a trace of hesitation in Rogelio's eyes.

"I won't go there. She probably doesn't want to see me either. I'm a little tired. I'll go back and have a rest. No matter what happened to her, you can send me a message when it's convenient."

Taking a deep breath, Rogelio said, "I'm sorry. I should have accompanied you to finish this meal. I'll send you back first. I'll look for you when Michelle is fine."

"You'd better go there first. I don't need you to send me. I can take a taxi back."

"No, I have to drive you home to rest assured."

At the insistence of Rogelio, he drove me back, but he didn't say a word with a heavy face all the way.

I got off the car. After taking a look at me, Rogelio drove away in a hurry.

I exhaled slowly and felt that this day was really long.

I felt tired both physically and mentally. When I entered the house, I was not in the mood at all.

The safety of Robbie, the safety of Xenia, and the safety of Vann, now there was another Michelle.

Jacen let me make a choice in family and Rogelio let me make a choice in love...

All these things had been intertwined in a short time, making me unable to figure out which one to be upset, and which one not to be upset.

"You're back?"

There was a trace of exhaustion in Robbie's tone.

He leaned against the sofa, with two buttons at the collar of his shirt loosened.

Noticing that Robbie was at home, I walked two steps quickly to him and asked, "How is your wound? It's time to change the medicine. I'll go get it for you. "

I went to get the first-aid kit first and then came back to sit next to Robbie.

At this time, Robbie was no longer wearing the clothes he wore last night.

"Let me help yo

she has promised to break up with Rogelio and accepted the compensation from Rogelio. I really can't figure out why she did that. What benefits will it bring to her? Isn't it that you think her too bad?"

"What compensation did Rogelio give her?"

"It seems that he will invest this drama of her and she can get all the profits of this TV series."

Robbie snorted, "Doesn't that mean everything? All the profit? Rogelio is really generous. Isn't it more reasonable for Michelle to spread a rumor for this play?"

I looked at him and my hand that takes medicine for him paused. Robbie continued, "In the eyes of outsiders, you are a shameless mistress. You not only stole her man, but also the mistress of the brother of your boyfriend. You are a mistress without a bottom line. In addition, the so-called suicide of Michelle makes her a complete weak person in the outside world."

"The outside world will scold you, which can satisfy Michelle's desire to revenge, and her 'misery' can also win many people's sympathy. She cannot only make a topic for herself, but also publicize her own TV series. In addition, from the perspective of Rogelio, she can make him feel guilty for her for a lifetime, because she knows him too well."

Robbie said with affirmation, "If you ask me the benefits of her doing this, I can tell you that the current situation is only good for her."

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